Spontaneous Discipleship Workshop

SD_discovery_coverThese materials are from a 12 session workshop on Spontaneous Disciplemaking through implementing and reproducing Discovery Groups.  DCI staff are available to help leaders learn and share this cutting edge strategy to fulfill the Great Commission.



See this strategic ministry process overview:
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Session’s PowerPoint and PDF Notes

Session 1:
PowerPoint: Spontaneous DM 1 Understanding Our Part
Notes: SpontaneousDiscipleMakingWkbkIntroPages & SpontaneousDiscipleMakingWkbkSession1

Session 2:
PowerPoint  Spontaneous DM 2 Elements Part
Notes SpontaneousDiscipleMakingWkbkSession2

Session 3:
PowerPoint Spontaneous DM 3 Egaging Lost People
Notes SpontaneousDiscipleMakingWkbkSession3

Session 4:
PowerPoint  Spontaneous DM 4 Finding People Who are Open(1)
Notes SpontaneousDiscipleMakingWkbkSession4

Session 5:
PowerPoint  Spontaneous DM 5 Discovery Groups
Notes SpontaneousDiscipleMakingWkbkSession5

Session 6:
PowerPoint  Spontaneous DM 6 Discovery Group Experience
Notes SpontaneousDiscipleMakingWkbkSession6

Session 7:
PowerPoint  Spontaneous DM 7 Our New Life In Christ
Notes SpontaneousDiscipleMakingWkbkSession7

Session 8:
PowerPoint  Spontaneous DM 8 Dynamic Basics
Notes  SpontaneousDiscipleMakingWkbkSession8

Session 9:
PowerPoint  Spontaneous DM 9 Baptism
Notes SpontaneousDiscipleMakingWkbkSession9

Session 10:
PowerPoint  Spontaneous DM 10 Discovery Group Leader Development
Notes  SpontaneousDiscipleMakingWkbkSession10

Session 11:
PowerPoint  Spontaneous DM 11 Choosing Our Priorities
Notes  SpontaneousDiscipleMakingWkbkSession11

Session 12:
PowerPoint  Spontaneous DM 12 What is God Saying
Notes  SpontaneousDiscipleMakingWkbkSession12

Topics covered in materials linked above

Understanding Our Part in the Great Commission
Elements of Spontaneous Disciple Making – Prayer
Engaging Lost People
Finding People Who are Open to the Gospel
Discovery Groups
Discovery Group Experience
Our New Life In Christ
Dynamic Basics Workshop
Discovery Group Leader Development
Choosing Our Priorities
What is God Saying to You?