Malawi and Canada: Perplexing Contrasts!

Friends of Malawi,

I am perplexed! I am perplexed about 2 things; well, actually 3 things.

We just returned 2 days ago from our trip to Malawi. Jet lag still has the upper hand, butwe know it will be defeated soon. Returning from this trip, I have been overcome by 3 things, and I have had enough sleepless nights to carefully consider these things.

First of all, I am perplexed by the fact that there can be 2 people groups that are so very different. I mean, weren’t we both created in God’s image? Aren’t we both descendants of Adam and Eve? Then why are the people in Malawi living in such darkness; in fear of the evil powers that surround them? Why are we in Canada not experiencing these fears? Are we favoured?

Secondly, how is it possible that this ministry of discipleship has grown from infancy to adulthood so powerfully? God chose to use us. I don’t have any special skills; why should God use me? I don’t know how to nurture such a relationship as this in Malawi.

And, thirdly, it perplexes me that this work can continue on year after year and the funds keep coming in. We don’t deserve this! But, none of this is about deserving, is it?
Let me try to give you the reassurances that God has given me through His Holy Spirit as I lay pondering on these things.

To begin with, I don’t know if the word “perplexed” is the right one to use. The dictionary says it means “filled with uncertainty”. I’m not filled with uncertainty. I’m very certain, actually. Certain that this is God’s work – not mine. It could not possibly be my work….and therein lies the answer to the 3 perplexities. God has the right to do as He pleases. The people in Malawi are in no thicker darkness than we are in Canada. We just don’t recognize it….our darkness is hidden behind the wealth and health that we experience in this country. But it’s there all the same. Just ask your neighbour what’s important to him and you will see that Satan disguises himself as an angel of light (2 Cor.11:13-15).

The people of Malawi know that they live in darkness; the evil powers are all around them and they live in fear of them. We have seen it with our eyes and heard the stories! But when they hear the good news of salvation, they are eager to respond to find relief from their fears, to find a purpose for living; to have an eternal relationship with the living God of the universe. Our Team disciples them and trains leaders who place them in Life Groups and the self-perpetuating motion of multiplication takes place. Churches are born – real churches made of people – not buildings made of stone. And we are reminded that this is God’s work! A pastor once preached a sermon on “God’s work, done God’s way, will never lack God’s supply”. God’s work never lacks God’s supply. And since He is God, he can use whoever He wills to supply that need….you and me. We all do our part; even if we feel ill equipped. He is the One who takes our availability and turns it into ability unawares.
Thank you Lord! We praise you and marvel at your great works!

Elly & Hans Timmermans
( for donations)

“…We thank God that 3 pastors from local Traditional African Churches accepted Christ and they were happy to have found new life in Christ. Pastor Harfacs Gondwe of Chipangano Church said that the teachings were eye opening. He added that through these teachings he had come to understand what salvation is all about. This understanding caused him to receive Christ into his life….” Read more at our website

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Global Update – January, 2018

Happy New Year!

(This letter is also here in PDF format with photos: January 2018 Middleton Report

The Harvest is Great – The Workers are few! (Matthew 9:35 to 38)
“Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming
the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and illness. When he saw the
crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep
without a shepherd. Then he said to his disciples, ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the workers
are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.’”

Recruiting and Equipping Leaders: It is hard for many to imagine just how very great the harvest really is! There is such an emptiness in all that the world has to offer, and people are becoming increasingly more dissatisfied! They are looking for reality. Jesus is REAL! He SATISFIES the deep longing of our hearts! That is why we see that training Pastors and Ministry leaders is the most important thing we can do. We are finding many leaders who are available and want to be equipped to train their people to reach out into their community, showing the love of God through doing deeds of kindness – bringing hope and a future to those in need.

Ron and Bev Nelson: Are working with Pastor Enock Remy who serves the Haitian Christians in Calgary, as he translates the new Spontaneous Disciple Making workshop training manual into the French language for the team of DCI Trainers in Haiti. James Angihan who works with Philippine Christians in Calgary is translating these materials into the Ifugao language for the Northern Philippines DCI team. Ron is equipping several people in Canada and God is calling them to serve with us as Laborers for the Harvest in the world!

Ramananda and Darshini (and their team) in Imphal, North East India share:
Report for 2017 Goals for 2018
No. of families reached/visited with gospel 2981 6,000
No. of gospel tracts distributed 5704
No. of personal evangelism opportunities 1309
No. of open air preaching opportunities in different fields 25 5
No. of salvation camps Camps 10 1,000 Children
No. of people accepted Christ and assimilated
into different churches or fellowships 413 500
No. of One-to-One Discipleship completed 225 200
No. of people baptized in our fellowships/churches 113
No. of churches or house fellowships planted 21 20
Ramananda says: “I am so Happy to present to you our ministry report. I do this to praise and glorify our God. Be encouraged as you see all the works that He has been doing in and through our lives and ministries throughout the year 2017 and now we trust Him for even greater blessing in 2018.”
Moala Kashung shares: “Greetings from the Leadership Training Center for the DCI family in India and area. We are bringing together all the DCI Trainers from across India and other countries we work with for encouragement training and prayer. We have also resumed our Bible Training for Church Planters (BTCP). There is a very high demand for this training from all the local churches. Therefore, we have recruited 10 men from various places like Nepal, Arunachal, Assam and West Bengal, and classes are going on full-swing. We are using two Curriculum:
1. BTCP curriculum written by Denis J. Mock
2. Dynamic Churches International (DCI)
Students will be in the class room for 3 months and be gone for practical training for 3 months and come back again for 3 months to the class room which will be followed by going back again for 3 months to plant a church in the same location. While this batch is out in the field for 3 months, we are bringing in another fresh batch of students. They will be rotating in and out. In the past years this training program has been very successful. We covet your prayers.”
Remember in the September Report that 21 Church Planters reproduced by planting churches to 4 generations with a total of 114 Churches and 2776 members!
A very important request:
LTC Leadership Team (Our DCI Partners in India) has evaluated the work of Yongkon of Arunachal and Myanmar, Bhim of Nepal and Dilip of Bangladesh and all three of them are doing remarkable work. Since their job demands frequent travel, they genuinely need more money. Therefore, our team decided to request you to increase their salary from $125 USD to $200 USD
each per month. (Total $225 USD extra). Please pray with us that God will help us raise the needed money.

Christian Ministry Academy DCI School of Discipleship:
In addition to our Dynamic Churches International Website, we now have our videos and other teaching materials available on the Christian Ministry Academy (CMA) – DCI School of Discipleship at: We are targeting Pastors and Ministry Leaders. A generous CMA donor provided funds to promote this site on Facebook and we have now attracted over 1,400 people from 45 countries, who have signed-up to take one or more of our free courses, including Spontaneous Disciple Making and the video series The Ultimate Purpose. This is what people are saying: Oyewole says; “This is in-depth teaching, thanks for these deep insights. Very illuminating, practical and down to earth.” Adroa Geoffrey says; “This is a realistic vision and the need is real, the whole world is waiting in earnest expectation to see the sons of God revealed. Knowing our ultimate purposes reveals our heavenly identity and eternal divine nature. Thank you for this magnificent expository illumination on God’s glory.” Silas Wapata says; “By following closely to this study it has helped me to know who I am in Christ and my responsibility in the ministry.” Apostle Anne Fidel Ugbo says; “I am indeed overwhelmed by the kind of inspirational and fundamental expository teachings I am getting here. Thanks so much for giving me this rare opportunity to grow myself and my ministry. God continue to bless you.”
You can also take these free courses!
We are directing those who are interested, to connect with our trained DCI Staff and Trainers where they are available. These leaders are potential Trainers and are a valuable resource to meet the great demand we are experiencing in many countries. These prominent leaders are seeing what God is doing and are coming to us asking us to equip them to reach their country. This is very encouraging!

Jing Estrella, Philippines: Jing sent us an email asking for funds to repair his vehicle. He says: “I have concern that I want you to pray with me. My car is not anymore road worthy to travel unless all the ball joints (upper and lower), tie rod ins, and four shocks will be replaced. It will cost a total of $950.00 including labor. May God grant my desire to let this car repaired.”

Simeon and Anna Oyugi Nairobi, Kenya: Dr. Simeon Oyugi and his DCI Team of over 50 volunteer trainers have equipped thousands of Pastors and Church leaders to implement the Spontaneous Disciple Making – Discovery Group Strategy in their churches. These trained pastors are now equipping other Pastors who are training other Pastors (even across denominations) up to 7 generations. These Churches are focused on reaching their community and working together as One Church!
Simeon and his team have benefited greatly from the exposure of the Christian Ministry Academy – DCI School of Discipleship web site. He is getting calls and emails from prominent Christian leaders in 22 Africa countries who want to be equipped to develop the DCI strategy in their country. Leaders are available – Christians are ready to become disciples – Communities are desperately hungry for GOOD NEWS about Jesus! The time is now!

40 Days of Discipleship –James Klaas: Jim (our DCI Associate) has developed a series of daily email sessions that teach Bible truth and encourages life application. He presently has 62,000 people distributed worldwide going through these online courses (many in closed countries). This ministry has been growing by 11% monthly for the past 2. years and if this can be maintained, by mid 2020, over one million people will have participated. This means that we are at the half way mark now. Imagine the impact if these people can be directed to our DCI Staff (in places where we have trained staff) and they and their Pastors were trained and coached to develop their congregations into disciple-making churches.
2018 should be a very productive year! God is so Good!!

Thank you for your prayers and financial support! Through you God is expanding His Kingdom. Together with you, we are a team and we very much need each other to accomplish the great work God has given us to do!
Donations can be sent to the address below or through: in Canada or in the U.S. (See our DONATE page).
May God bless you all!
Your Brother and Sister in Christ,

Al and Mary

Dynamic Churches International
164 Stonegate Close Airdrie, AB T4B 2V2
Phone/Fax (403) 912-4438
Web site

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Update from Malawi

A field update from Hands and Elly Timmermans

Dear Friends of D.C.I. Malawi,

We arrived in Malawi last Friday, January 12, 2018 and Monday we travelled to Mzuzu and met our Team again. The families are all doing fine. The kids are growing. George’s kids even know enough English to talk with us a little. John’s wife Maureen is doing well too with her pregnancy. The doctor gave her a clear bill of health this past week.

Life in Africa is moving along for us. Today the sun is shining after heavy rains for most of this week, day and night! The temperatures are around 20 C day and night. This is summer in Malawi! Even on a sunny day the constant evaporation keeps the temperatures down. The roads are very muddy and sometimes almost impassible. Last night we went to our favourite restaurant in Mzuzu. The chef is Irish and makes a pepper steak that makes your mouth water, just thinking about it.

We met two Dutch nursing students there and struck up a conversation. They asked what we were doing in Malawi … Well, we had an opportunity to share the Good News and the difference it makes in the lives of the Malawians at length. They listened attentively. They had never heard the Good News. Their grandparents were church goers, but their parents disengaged right after they got married and never told their children any of the stories of the Bible. Please pray for Melissa and Annaloes. We were able to illustrate the spiritual battle life is from examples in Malawi. They are leaving Mzuzu today to travel in Africa for a while before returning to their studies in Holland. I gave each a New Life App card.

After a harder time than at other times to adjust to the jet lag this past week, we had a hard night last night. The university students had an all-night party with very loud music. We lay vibrating to the heavy beat of the drums in our beds. Sometimes someone would sing a song and a lot of rap music was aired. I finally fell asleep around 2 or 3 am.

We hope to visit Andrew and Mpahtso and their two children today, if the roads into their neighbourhood are passable … We have visited John and Maureen and George and Glory and their four children, Perembe, Orini, Tenson and Caleb. George is building a new house. We were able to help them from our own funds to buy doors and windows. This will enable them to move in. The house they live in right now is a mud brick house and it is old and in danger of collapsing in the near future. Now they still need to do the floors and plaster the walls before they can move in. We have helped our families here from time to time so they can live securely and not have to worry about their buildings.

Elly has been teaching George how to manage a budget efficiently using a computer.
On Sunday we will be traveling to Lilongwe to pick up our friend from Kenya who is interested in the work D.C.I. is doing in Malawi. Next week we will have meetings with pastors and leaders of Northern Malawi to hear reports on the progress of the work and top see how it can be improved. As Chuck Swindoll said, we need to always be “Improving our Serve”.

For the rest, life is fine in Africa. ‘Just need to remember, take a shower when the water is on and enjoy some reading when the hydro is available and charge your batteries. Yes, connecting is better than before, but the internet does not always work when we need it.

May God keep and bless you all!

Thanks for your support and prayers.


Hans and Elly Timmermans
Phone: 519-859-9812

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December 2017 Ministry Letter

Christmas, December 2017

Dear Friends and Ministry Partners,

Christmas is a time to welcome God into our lives! Someone recently shared this picture on Facebook. It reminded me of an old song that says,

“Have you any room for Jesus,
He who bore your load of sin?
As He knocks and asks admission,
Sinner, will you let Him in?
Chorus: Room for Jesus, King of Glory!
Hasten now His Word obey;
Swing the heart’s door widely open,
Bid Him enter while you may.”

John 1:10-12 says, “He came into the very world he created, but the world didn’t recognize him. He came to his own people, and even they rejected him. But to all who believed him and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God.” Praise God for sending His Son so that we could become His children!

Family News: The picture of Mary and I was taken in the lobby at the Banff Springs Hotel in November when we went out to Banff to celebrate our 56th Anniversary. Our son Mark had an emergency appendectomy on December 8th. He is home now recovering from the surgery. Pray that he will heal quickly.

Over Christmas, we look forward to several family get-togethers. On Saturday, Dec. 23rd, we will be in Sherwood Park with Mark, Joan and our nephew’s families. Sunday, we will attend a Christmas service at Sherwood Park Alliance and then come back to Airdrie for Christmas Eve with Zizina’s family. On the 25th we will be with Lynn’s family and celebrate with Jess and our 4 great-grandchildren who are here from Nashville.

Our DCI Family: Mary and I want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of you – our national and international leaders, trainers, pastors, people who pray for our ministry, those who invest financially, administration, disciple-makers and disciples. We are a very large family that God is using to share the good news of God’s love and eternal life with our world – all made possible because Jesus came!

There are many opportunities to expand the DCI ministry in 2018. We will need to greatly increase our financial base. Do you want to make a great investment in God’s kingdom? I could meet with you or send you a PowerPoint presentation explaining our proposed projects. Donations can be sent to the address below or through: in Canada or in the U.S. (both online).

Thank you for your prayers and financial support! Through you God is expanding His Kingdom. Together with you, we are a team and we very much need each other to accomplish the great work God has given us to do! There are amazing things happening. Watch for an update early in the new year!

Mary and I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and God’s blessing for 2018! Read Colossians 1:1 to 14. This is our prayer for you for the coming year. May God bless you all!

Your Brother and Sister in Christ,
Al and Mary Middleton

This letter is available in color with graphics here: Middleton_Dec_2017

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Ministry Update – Middletons’ Report

Prayer for the Kingdom (Family) of God:

“My response is to get down on my knees before the Father, this magnificent Father who parcels out all heaven and earth. I ask him to strengthen you by his Spirit—not a brute strength but a glorious inner strength—that Christ will live in you as you open the door and invite him in. And I ask him that with both feet planted firmly on love, you’ll be able to take in with all followers of Jesus the extravagant dimensions of Christ’s love. Reach out and experience the breadth! Test its length! Plumb the depths! Rise to the heights! Live full lives, full in the fullness of God.” Ephesians 3:15-19 The Message (MSG)

Family News:
Lynn and Bob: Mary and I had a wonderful week at a small cabin in Idaho with Lynn and Bob, Josh and Matt and his wife Ashley. Jess and Kent’s 4 children (our great grandchildren) were there from Nashville as well.
Mark and Linda: We camped with Mark and Linda and their 2 children Julia and Steven. Mosetta and Konah (our African grandchildren in Edmonton) plus Paterson (second son of Zizina our African family in Airdrie) who was participating in the Provincial Soccer Tournament that weekend in Edmonton).
Joan and Earl: We camped with Joan and Earl and went fishing. I caught a 29 inch (7 pound) Northern Pike. I have not been fishing for many years. It was quite a thrill. However, I still prefer being a fisher for men! (Matthew 4:19)
Raymond, Joan and Earl’s youngest son is engaged to Kendra Tetley. Pray for them as they plan for their wedding in 2019.

Global DCI Family is made up of our national and international leaders, administration, pastors, people who pray for our ministry, those who invest financially, disciple-makers and disciples. God is using you and people just like you who are working together faithfully doing his/her part so that with God’s empowering we can be a vital part of the greatest endeavour on earth – sharing God’s love and eternal life with our needy world!

The following DCI Reports tell only a small part of what God is doing!
Simeon Oyugi Nairobi, Kenya: Simeon and his team continue to get many requests from all over Africa, wanting him or his team to come and help them develop the Spontaneous Disciple Making Strategy in their country. One of Simeon’s DCI Trainers, Pastor Dan Nyali recently did DCI training sessions in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia. This is a big opening into the southern part of Africa. Pastor Dan reports that he trained 62 Pastors/ Leaders, 26 people prayed to received Jesus Christ as they shared the gospel in the community and they were invited to start 26 Discovery Groups with those who received Jesus and include their family and friends.

Ramananda Imphal, North East India shares: “It is my joy and privilege to let you know that the ten disciples have completed their training and they are now actively and faithfully looking after their own churches/fellowships that they planted. It is a great encouragement to me and my family to see what God has done in the lives of these men and women. At the end of their training as they shared their experiences, they said DCI training is totally different. They also said, that they have been Christians for many years but they have truly been tested in their Christian faith during these discipleship sessions. I
also could see the great changes taking place in their lives day by day! Please continue to pray for them. On July 26th, 2017, I was witnessing Christ in a village called Thamnapokpi and God touched many men and women boys and girls! The old man next to me was moved by the Holy Spirit. He is from a very orthodox fanatic Hindu family. His name is Khwairakpam Herachandra Shing. He was a man who always gave trouble to the Christians in the village. He came on that day not to listen to God’s Word but to find out if I was saying anything against Hinduism. After listening to me, he forgot everything, he forgot even that he came angry! He was crying and said to me, “Son, how are all
these wonderful heart touching words coming out of your mouth?” And he further said that, he has recorded every single word I spoke and he will repeat everything with his family members back at home. He prayed together with me and confessed that “if Christianity truly means what you say then why shouldn’t we all follow Jesus Christ? What a great all-knowing, almighty God we serve!”
Ramananda shares the following vision for the next year:
It is our vision and prayer to reach 6000 non-Christian families, establish at least 20 churches/house fellowships, reproduce at least 200 disciple makers and to give water baptism to 200 believers.”

Moala Kashung shares: “Lots of love to you from the DCI family in India. Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar. We are all giving our best for the extension of God’s kingdom in our respective countries. We keep in touch with each other and share our successes and failures, prayer concerns and encourage each other. What a lovely family of DCI! In this spreadsheet below you will come across the name Bhim Deuba of Nepal. Once, he was the Chief of the Maoist Party rebel group against the Monarchy in Nepal. By his own hand, sword (khukri) and gun he murdered hundreds of people. God dramatically caught him to be his messenger in Nepal. God connected us and encouraged us to work together with him for God’s kingdom. Our first step was to bring him to our office and train him in the DCI strategy. So, we have done that successfully and effectively. He has started the work and speedy progress is going on in Nepal. We have invited him to come to India every two months with his ministry report, sharing, prayer time and drawing his salary. We pay him Rs 5000 which is about $80.00 USD per month for his needs. We are compelled to scrape out from every possible hole. God is faithful! We are praying that God will raise up someone to provide! Thank you for your prayer and financial support for the DCI family in India.” The following shows the results of 21 recently sent out Church Planters. Notice that these are Churches (Fellowships) that have planted other churches up to 4 generations of churches. Members only are listed. Attendees would be many more.

Christian Ministry Academy:
In addition to our Dynamic Churches International Website, we now have our videos and other teaching materials available on the Christian Ministry Academy. 350 people from all over the world have already signed up to take these free courses. They are being very well received and positive comments are already coming in. You can also take these free courses by going to:

Thank you for your prayers and financial support! Through you God is expanding His Kingdom. Together with you, we are a team and we very much need each other to accomplish the great work God has given us to do!

Donations can be sent to the address below or through: in Canada or in the U.S. (both online).

May God bless you all!
Your brother and sister in Christ,
Al and Mary

(Read the PDF version with photos: September 2017 Middleton Report)

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June 2017 Report from the Middletons

“And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.” 2 Timothy 2:2

Dynamic Churches International is all about training Trainers who train Trainers!

Middleton Family News: We haven’t reported on our family for a while, so let me bring you up to date:  Mary and I have just returned from a wonderful and restful time on Grand Cayman Island with our son Mark and his family! Lynn and Joan and their families also contributed to the cost as a gift to us for our 55th Wedding Anniversary which was last November 17.
Lynn and Bob: They are doing well and Bob continues to have plenty of work even in a challenging economy. Jess and Kent are in Nashville and have their Green Cards so are both able to work there now. Their 4 children have done well in school and are planning to spend 5 weeks with Lynn and Bob and us this summer. Matt and Ashley just returned from a trip to New York city and Josh enjoys getting away fishing. Bob, Matt and Josh all work with the same company.
Mark and Linda: are happy that Julia who graduated 2 years ago has a great job and Steven just graduated with a near 4.0 average. He has been asked by his professor to work with him on a research project and will also complete his Masters Degree over the next 2 years. Mark, Julia and Steven are all Mechanical Engineers.
Joan and Earl: Are camping and fishing this week. Robert has just graduated as a Geomatics Engineering Technologist and is working in Whitecourt, Alberta. Reggie has completed his 3rd year of Apprenticeship as an Electrician. Raymond is working for a home builder as a framer.
We are encouraged by their lives and love to spend time with them whenever we can.

Global DCI Family: So many of you have shared that you pray for us and the DCI Ministry every day, and thanks to you God is growing the ministry through our Representatives (trainers) and the great opportunities they have to serve God and equip His people. Please continue to pray!

Simeon Oyugi Nairobi, Kenya: Simeon and his team of 47 DCI leaders continue to equip hundreds of Pastors in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Simeon has developed his team and did not have to conduct any of the recent workshops. He did coach and observed them, as needed, to maintain the quality of teaching. The following chart shows what God has done through his team in April and May in Kenya. April, 2017

Simeon says; “Everyone who received Christ, welcomed them to start a Discovery Group in their home! The average number of people who attend a Discovery Group varies from region to region, for example; in towns the average is 3 people while in the countryside the average is 5.” Are Discovery Groups starting New Groups? Simeon says, “‘This is a Big Yes!’ For example, in our April report, Marani Church in Kisii, (first training above) Robert and Jecton started 15 Discovery Groups and now in May these groups have started 5 more. This is one key area we teach before leaving a training area to ensure progressive growth by winning more souls. This is happening as the new Christians discover Jesus Christ by welcoming Him into their lives and they begin to change”. The Pastors are also meeting each month in Pastors Life Groups led by the local DCI Trainers who encourage them and continue with more training. They encourage each other as they learn and grow their churches together.

Hans and Elly Timmermans: Mary and I met with them in Ontario on our way home from Grand Cayman. They just returned from meeting with their 3 National Leaders in Malawi and are very encouraged. There are over 500 Groups now and in just one area alone the groups have reproduced from one group to over 200 groups. There could be more but they lack Bibles and DCI materials. Pray for the success of a fundraiser on June 10th in Stratford, ON to raise thousands of dollars for Bibles. If you would like to attend contact for info.

Clair Ziolkowski – Canadian working in Zambia: Clair and Al Stovall arrived home from their 30 day mission trip to Zambia. It was a very busy, but productive time. They provided much needed help for the poor and the orphans. The last 2 weeks of their mission was setting up 12 new churches & doing DCI discipleship training, in communities that currently do not have any Evangelical Church and very little exposure to the Gospel. This church planting endeavour has been in the works for almost 2 years. Bible school students have been trained and are ready to pastor these new churches. They where able to plant the 12 Churches as a result of evangelistic crusades, where over 12,000 people attended and 6,800 indicated that they had received Jesus Christ! The following day after each crusade they conducted DCI Dynamic Basics training and a total of 1,671 people attended. They need ($200) for cement to build each church building and ($200 per pastor) for bicycles to enable them to travel to minister to their community. God provided $2,000. through a generous donor. Sadly, just after Clair and Al Stovall returned home Clair got word that one of the Church Planters was killed in a motorcycle accident. Please pray for this young man’s family in their time of loss.

Bangladesh – Dilip Singha: Our DCI Rep. shares, “By the grace of God and the help of LTC (our DCI partner) we started the DCI training program in Bangladesh. Pastor Probir and I are now reaching out to the tea garden workers at Khamasora village. Most people in this community have never heard about Jesus! We consider it a blessing for us to share the good news of Jesus with them. Most of the children in this tea garden village do not go to school therefore with prayer and the permission of the parents we are planning to teach them. We need White Boards and Note Books.”
Dramatic Conversion: “I am Mastafa Kamal from Bangladesh. Born and raised in a devout Muslim family. I got a good education and became a lecturer in a government college. I formed an anti-Christian Society and went to register in the government office. God sent to me a Christian preacher who gave me a Holy Bible and some Christian literature. I took them and read them secretly at night. My wife came to know what I was reading. I was scared! However, she too was reading them every day after I left for college. God revealed Himself to both of us and transformed us to a new Mr. and Mrs. Mastafa. Soon we were excommunicated by both our families and became homeless. Even my government job was cancelled. My wife died the following year. For 3 days there was no one to help me bury her. Since then God has blessed me with a Christian wife who loves me and my 3 children. God brought me to Peter and Moala Kashung (our LTC/DCI partners in India). They arranged for me to go through the DCI training with Harish Chandra our DCI Training coordinator. I am now going back to Bangladesh as a brave soldier of Jesus Christ. Please pray for me.”

India North Central: Peter Kashung writes: “Most of the evangelists in Siliguri region are our graduates, who have been working faithfully as Church Planters since they graduated. These humble servants of God work hard under hot sun and heavy rains and have planted 3 to 5 churches each. They deserve our appreciation and respect for their commitment and hard work in spite of their meagre salary and the challenges they face each day.”
South India and Sri Lanka: Our DCI Rep. John M. Raj is doing a tremendous work among the Tamil speaking people in Tamilnadu. He says; “I am making a constant effort to reach out to the youth and children. We now have 8 Sunday Schools going on and as the Lord provides we are able to help the poor and needy.”

We (DCI) were able to provide funds for John to print materials and travel to Sri Lanka to train pastors there. The Pastors shared that the Discipling books will be great tools to equip new believers to share the gospel with others!

Thank you for your prayers and financial support! Through you God is expanding His Kingdom. Together with you, we are a team and we very much need each other to accomplish the great work God has given us to do!
Donations can be sent to the address below or through: in Canada or in the U.S. (both online).

May God bless you all!
Your Brother and Sister in Christ,
Al and Mary Middleton

Read this letter with graphics in the PDF edition here:  June 2017 Middleton Report

Dynamic Churches International
164 Stonegate Close Airdrie, AB T4B 2V2
Phone/Fax: (403) 912-4438

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Malawi Trip Report

 “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.” 2 Tim. 2:2

April 27, 2017
Dear Friends of Malawi,

The above Bible verse is the key verse that Dynamic Churches Int’l is built on.  It’s the principle of multiplication that makes the discipleship grow exponentially. One person teaches one other person, who teaches one other person….and on and on. It’s not a difficult principle to understand, but it is certainly not one that is easily put into practice here in the western world. Generally speaking, our culture keeps people busy and we lack the time to build relationships the way the Scriptures instruct us to.
Relationships are critical for discipleship to be successful.

And so we are all the more excited when we see this happening in Malawi. In a culture where people live in community, a changed life is noticed and neighbours begin asking what happened and the love of Christ is shared. Understanding that their poverty gives them no distractions, and understanding that each person lives in fear of the day that the demons will attack them or their loved ones, leaves the unbeliever with an overwhelming sense of need.

  • Does anybody love me?
  • How can I be safe from the evil around me?
  • How can I feed my family today?
  • Enter: the gospel message – God loves you!
  • He wants to set you free from the bondage of sin!

As you are probably aware, Hans and I have recently returned from our trip to Malawi. We were there for 3 weeks. During those three weeks, we visited 6 villages where our indigenous team of 3 men have completed the training of leaders who are carrying on the work of discipling one-on-one, starting Life Groups, and training other leaders in their areas.

The testimonies we heard are truly humbling! How these dedicated men and women will walk for many kilometers to fill the requests of their fellow man to bring the training to new areas is beyond anything that we would do in Canada. But, it is happening in Malawi! The work has grown so fast that our Team is having difficulty keeping up with the demands for materials, etc. In almost every testimony we heard, the leaders shared how he/she could do so much more if only they had more New Testaments and Discipleship books available. For example, if they ask for 100 NT’s, we can only supply them with 30 or 40 – wanting to be good stewards of what God has given us, and knowing that there are many more who will request NT’s.

We estimate that we could use 20,000 New Testaments right now, and each one will be used to disciple one other person. That’s $100,000!! How can this happen? We certainly don’t know; but one thing we DO know is that our God is a great God.
“And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” (Phil. 4: 19).  This is the verse that we left with all these leaders and pastors as they begged us to not forget them and their need for Bibles. Our confidence is in our Great God. The Malawian leaders and pastors put their confidence in their great God also. They promised to pray for us as we fund raise, and we are praying for them as they pass on the message of God’s love to others. Will you join us in this? Will you also consider becoming one of the donors for this huge need?
UPDATE: Malawi Appreciation Dinner, June 10, 2017, 5:30 at Bethel Pentecostal Church, Stratford.  This is a slight change from our previous announcement in our March newsletter. It will be held on Saturday the 10th, not Sunday the 11th as previously planned. And, we have moved it indoors to Bethel Pentecostal Church in Stratford. The reason is that we have taken videos of the testimonies that we heard in Malawi and want to share some of these with you. That requires an indoor setting. We really hope that you can make it. Formal invitations will come soon and we hope that you will RSVP to us so we can let the caterers (Quehl’s of Tavistock) know the numbers. The talented Patti Hill will once again provide us with special music.

We also hope to collect bicycles for the leaders who are currently walking long distances to multiply the work of discipleship and leadership training. There is another container being planned to leave for Malawi in a year or so. We want to put a lot of bicycles in it. Perhaps you can help with this. You may have one in your garage that is not being used; or, yard sales are a good place to find them; also, police auctions, etc. But please be sure they are in good working order. You can contact us for details about how to get it to our storage location until the container arrives. We are also asking for a donation of $15 to help cover the shipping costs for each bicycle.

You can donate through Canada Helps online, or simply send us your cheques payable to D.C.I. (attach a slip of paper indicating “Malawi”). If you would consider becoming a regular monthly donor, that would greatly help our month-by-month ministry needs. We can provide you with a PAD form.

Looking forward to seeing you in June. May God continue to bless you.
Hans and Elly Timmermans
Hans’ cell: 519-859-9812
Elly’s cell: 519-913-3341

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