Global Report – September, 2019

Dear Faithful Friends and Ministry Partners,

30th Anniversary: August 1, 1989 Dynamic Churches International began.
In these 30 years we have seen God do many amazing things!

National Leaders have been equipped and trained thousands of Pastors who have developed their leaders to disciple their people who have reached out into their community and shared the gospel of Jesus Christ resulting in thousands of people committing their lives to Jesus and becoming His disciples! The reproduction of changed lives is what God gave us to do. The Great Commission is made clear in Matthew 28:18-20 and 2 Timothy 2:2 and the following;

  • Psalm 96:3, “Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples.”
  • Psalm 86:9 says; “all the nations you have made will come and worship before you,
    O Lord; they will bring glory to your name.”
  • Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations,
    I will be exalted in the earth.”

We plan to put together a special anniversary edition to highlight what God is doing through DCI.  Many things have changed in 30 years!

Global DCI Family – India
David Benjamin – Business as Ministry Trip to India and Thailand: This is a new development to do in the marketplace what we are doing through the Churches. David plans to conduct 2 Training Sessions in India Oct. 26-28 and 30-31 and 1 in Bangkok, Thailand Nov. 1-4 to expand his discipling ministry with young professionals. These men and women are wanting to be equipped to reach their associates. Pray for God to empower David especially on these dates.

Global DCI Family – Africa
Hans and Elly Timmermans share: “You have been reading our reports on Malawi these past years. Elly and I are planning to be in Calgary on September 25 to personally talk about Malawi. You are invited to come! This is not a fundraiser; we just want to tell you about the amazing way the work has developed and the large number of people who have come to faith in Christ as our DCI team in Malawi has trained leaders. Since 2015 over 40,000 people have been discipled, and over 2,000 Life Groups have been established and they are reaching out into their villages. Churches have been planted and other churches have started growing using the DCI One-to-One Discipleship. The work is spilling into neighboring Zambia as well!

Ron Nelson has opened his home for this DCI Malawi presentation to our friends in Calgary on Wednesday, Sept. 25th. Can we expect you to be there? 7:00pm at 5340 Silverdale Drive NW, Calgary, AB, Cell: 403-922-6376 or Home: 403-288-3427. Please call Ron.

Investing in People: Mary and I spend many hours each week investing our lives in people, discipling, mentoring and encouraging them in their daily walk with God. Let me share 2 examples of what God is doing. Stephen is an engineer who was working in downtown Calgary has gone through the Discovery Group studies with several men he met through business. This experience not only opened their eyes, but his as well. He has recently left his job in Calgary and move to Norway to develop a ministry of reaching business associates there. Brandon I met in the hospital. He was very discouraged, but as I share the gospel of Jesus Christ with him, he gladly received Jesus as his Saviour. I meet with him each week and it has been a great joy to see the changes in his life. He has a passion to share the love of God with those who are in addictions and on the street in Calgary. Please pray for these men!

Please Pray! Many of you invest time to pray for us every day! God continues to provide! Many of you invest finances regularly! Thank you! We still need thousands of dollars for urgent needs for international staff! Thank you all, I hope you are blessed when you see the return on your investments in building God’s Kingdom!
Prayers can be made directly to God.
Donations can be mailed to the addresses below or sent via bank e-transfer to or online through: in Canada or in the U.S.

May Go bless you all!

Your brother and sister in Christ,

Al and Mary Middleton

PDF edition of this letter: Sept 2019 DCI Global Report

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DCI India Update

L E A D E R S H I P  T R A I N I N G  C E N T R E ,
S I L I G U R I ,  W . B.  I N D I A

April – July, 2019

See this prayer letter in color with photos here: DCI-India Apr-July 19

“How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings the good news, who proclaims peace, who brings glad tidings of good things, who proclaims salvation…”(Isaiah 52:7).

By the grace of God we could reach 1578 people with the Gospel of Christ and 136 of them received the Lord Jesus as their personal savior. All glory to God!

Let us praise God for those who publicly proclaimed their faith by taking the water baptism. This summer total of 42 new believers were baptized with water baptism. All glory to God!

God has been enabling us to reach out many children through Sunday School ministry and free tuition center. Kindly uphold the children ministry in your prayers, so that through them we will be able to reach out their parents and family with the Gospel of Jesus Christ .

Evangelism is followed by church planting and the discipleship training in all the churches. We normally use DCI curriculum in all our training programs as well as in discipleship classes. In past three months there were altogether five DCI training conducted.

This couple is new believers from Arunachal Pradesh (Ps. Yongkon’s field). The lady was possessed by evil spirit for almost three months. The family was trying to get rid of the evil
spirit but nobody could help them. It was recently they heard about our prayer team that was visiting their village, so they invited us to pray for the lady. They also started coming to the church and after ten days, by the power of God she was completely delivered. Now through this miracle people are interested to hear about Jesus more so kindly uphold us in
your prayers, so that we can win souls for His kingdom. Thanks! – Pastor Yongkon Tsupa

  • Pray for the global DCI ministry and the financial needs therein.
  • Pray for all the upcoming DCI programs.
  • Pray for all the DCI workers and their families.

Sd/- Harish C. Binayak (DCI Coordinator)
Leadership Training Center, Babubasa, Champasari, Siliguri, W.B. India-734003

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Global Ministry Update – August, 2019

Dear Faithful Friends and Ministry Partners,

There is a war going on between 2 kingdoms! The Kingdom of God and the kingdom of this world, that has Satan as its King. Satan and his forces are very powerful and well organized, but do not be deceived – God is in control and He has already overcome Satan and all his evil forces (Ezekiel 28:16-17). Jesus came to die on the cross to destroy the works of Satan. Jesus’ final words were “It is finished!” (John 19:30). The Victory is won!!
Satan and his forces, however, continue to deceive people as they wait their final judgment (Matt. 25:41).

Mary and I praise God that Jesus is now risen, and we serve the King who is victorious, and He is rescuing people from Satan’s bondage every day and giving them, “a new life of freedom in Christ.”

God is doing a mighty work, and Satan hates to see the Church of Christ equipping people to live in victory and sharing the good news of Jesus with family and friends! Thank you for your partnership with us in Dynamic Churches International through your prayers and finances!

Some International Reports:

In India: The Vise Chancellor of the large Christian University that we visited in India was in prison for 2 months on trumped-up charges. He finally went to trial and was released with no conviction against him! He and many others are constantly being persecuted there. Pray for India!

Ramananda serving in North India sent the following report on his team for 2018

Ramananda shares, “On April 4th, 2019, in KEIBI KUMODA village we had a salvation program, and there I met this old man (White shirt) sitting at the front. He is a very powerful and respected person in that village, and he is also a famous Meitei religious singer. His name is L. HERAMOTE MEITEI. He was waiting eagerly for my words, but not because he was interested in the gospel message, but rather waiting to find out anything Iwould say against his religion or faith. At first, he was indifferent to the gospel, but the Spirit of God really moved in his heart, and I was praying that God would touch this man and change his life for His glory. What a great and mighty God we serve! At the end I asked them to raise their hands if they had been touched by God and wanted to be forgiven of their sins. I really was surprised to see that this man was the first, raising both hands with tears in his eyes and he accepted Jesus as His personal Lord and Saviour.
After the program was over he came up to me and said ‘my son, I am a man with thick eyebrows who never listens to others but always compels others to listen to my words, and I am a man who hardly ever cries, but today as I have been listening to your message, something was happening in my heart, which I couldn’t really control, so I cried today. Please pray for me and my family’. I prayed with him and with many others who had accepted Christ. And now one of my DCI Trained evangelists is doing the follow up ministry in that village. Please praise God together with us and pray for us always. So that God will continue to use the trained men and women for His kingdom expansion in that village.”

Dr. Simeon Oyugi our Director for Africa:
Simeon reports that in Egypt he was video-taped teaching a series of 13 sessions as an overview (10 minutes of each of the 13 – 60 minute sessions). These where translated into Arabic and are being televised into North Africa and the Middle East. Pray that this opens doors to DCI in these countries.

In April Simeon worked with Clair Zoilkowski a Canadian who serves in Zambia. They shared the gospel with hundreds of people over the three-week period and many received Christ. They also trained several hundred Pastors in our Spontaneous Disciple Making Ministry in 5 different locations (including the Church Planters that lead the 70 churches that have been planted over the last several years). Wilson has been selected and is in training to be the local DCI Rep. in Zambia.

Hans and Elly’s Team in Malawi report on their recent trip to the villages:
“Sani is an area that is predominantly M-slim, but many people from that religion have come to know the Lord Jesus through Life Groups (LG). Interested people often meet with the LG Leaders in private to hear the gospel message; they receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and become born again.
In Linga we had 6 leaders attend our leadership follow-up meeting. One thing that blesses me at Linga is that the leaders are so humble and teachable. There were good questions and interaction. More M-slims are being converted in Linga. We heard good news about one of the kings (chiefs) in this area who was saved. He is being taught through the One-to-One Discipling by Pastor Daniel Banda, who is the coach at Linga.”

Please Pray for Mary and me!
I want to remind you that we are in a battle. Christians are being challenged more and more, but the real battle is going on in the spiritual realm. We have had a most interesting time the last several months. Finances have been very limited, and many projects had to be put on hold. It is as if we are being blocked at every turn. We have prayed much and tried to raise the needed funds but still nothing has changed.

We need your help!!

Please Pray: Pray that God will provide for the Urgent Needs for us and our DCI Team!
Donate: If you can give finances at this time, please do!

Thank you for your prayers and financial support! Through you God is expanding His Kingdom. Together with you, we are a team and we very much need each other to accomplish the great work God has given us to do!

Donations can be mailed to the addresses below or sent via bank e-transfer to or online through: in Canada or in the U.S.

May God bless you all!
Your brother and sister in Christ,
Al and Mary Middleton

Dynamic Churches International
164 Stonegate Close Airdrie, AB T4B 2V2
Canada Phone/Fax (403) 912-4438
USA: PO Box 3431, Vista, CA 92085-3431

Here is this letter as a PDF doc: August 2019 DCI Global Report

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Our Awesome God!

In 2014 we published the book Our Awesome God! Our Amazing Adventure!  This full length book by Al Middleton tells the story of his spiritual journey and of DCI’s birth, mission and international development. The book is now is available as a Kindle ebook on

The subtitle of the book is Living Out His Eternal Life Within! This volume is not only a testimony and “chapter” of missions history, it is a practical discipleship resource that can encourage and equip you to be more involved in the Great Commission.

From the Preface:

Over the forty years that I have been in ministry, I have talked with many people, who are discouraged, disappointed even disillusioned with their lives. I have also met others who seem to live in an endless stream of vibrant and fulfilling adventures. Although many claim to be Christians, it is obvious that not all of them have discovered how to live in the fullness of what God has provided for each of us through the resurrection life of Jesus Christ.

Truth or Lies?
Satan is a great liar and deceiver. He will do all he can to convince you that you are useless and that you could never accomplish anything great or bring glory to God. The difference between Truth and Lies is that truth has substance. Truth has power! It can be substantiated by facts. Lies have no substance. Lies have no power.  They say that if you hear a lie often enough you will begin to believe it as truth. When we accept a lie as truth, we attribute power to it. Lies can be very powerful, but only if we choose to believe them. Many Christians believe Satan’s lies about them and are living frustrated and fruitless lives.

I acknowledge that I have not always lived in the fullness of the abundant, supernatural life God has called me to live, but I am learning and I have seen God work in me and through me. As I share what God has done and continues to do in my life, often people express their amazement. Perhaps it is because they know me personally and know how very ordinary I am. I too am amazed that God would choose me for such an adventure. I am learning that God can use the least likely person (and often does) if he or she will be an empty vessel through which He can do His mighty work.

I have developed a personal philosophy for my life.

“I don’t want to attempt anything that I know I can do, I want to be involved in what only God can do so that when He does do something great, He alone will get all the glory.”

I understand myself well enough to know that if I thought I could get away with taking any of the credit, I would. But if I try to brag that I have done that which God has obviously accomplished, then you would mock me. No one enjoys being mocked!

God Looks at the Heart
Success in God’s eyes is when we humbly and faithfully do what He has given us to do.
Jesus Himself – being God – became fully man and humbly did only what the Father showed Him to do. In John 5:19, 20 Jesus said,

“Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does. For the Father loves the Son and shows him all he does. Yes, and he will show him even greater works than these, so that you will be amazed.”…

The paperback edition is available by contacting DCI and the ebook can be purchased at

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Malawi Trip Report

Elly and I returned from Malawi the second week of February, 2019. A mountain of work was waiting and we were suffering from jet lag, more than at other times.

We had a wonderful time at the conference and also during our team meetings with John and George. John taught a session on fasting during those team meetings. I videoed the first part of it and hope to publish it on our website in the future.

I videotaped almost all of the sessions of our conference, 250GB of HDMI to sort through…and subtitle…

During the team meetings we talked about the future of the DCI work in Malawi. The work is growing so quickly it is hard for the Team to keep up. They are sending New Testaments and Discipleship materials in large quantities to the various coaches. For example, there were 21 coaches at the conference. Those 21 had 32 coaches under them and 913 Life Groups. Eight other coaches did not attend the conference, but they also have trained coaches to help with the large numbers of Life Groups. These 21 coaches took 3000 ShareWord New Testaments and an equal amount of discipling materials back to their areas to begin discipling people who have been waiting for these materials.

During 2019 the DCI Team will complete the trainings they have committed to already. After that they will begin doing follow up to make certain that the various lessons taught to the initial leaders are being passed on correctly. They also will encourage Life Groups and leaders the Team has never met before. This will make sure the Gospel will go deep and the discipling will carry on in the future, becoming part of the fabric of these believers.

We heard amazing stories. One pastor in Rhumpi told us he had planted 14 churches using the DCI training. Others have reached a village 40 Km from their home. Still others are travelling across the border into Zambia to train leaders and start Life Groups there.

We were blessed to meet these brothers and sisters again, some go back to 2011 and 2012 when we began the DCI work in a more focused way. God is saving a people in Malawi. We estimate somewhere from 25,000 – 40,000 people are involved in the DCI discipleship, looking intentionally for others to disciple. Churches are being planted by the leaders the DCI Team has trained. The work is growing in ways and directions that the DCI Team could never have envisioned, but the Holy Spirit is guiding His people to where the Good News can take root and flourish.

Charles Ambaka, the Grace Fellowship International Africa director from Kenya, came and taught the exchanged life for three mornings and the teaching was received with joy and even tears.

We praise God for what He is accomplishing through the Good News of Jesus in Northern Malawi. Thank you for your partnership in prayer and in practical ways supporting the work. Watch for new videos and new stories on

Yours in His service,

Hans and Elly Timmermans


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DCI Global Report – February, 2019

Dear Faithful Friends and Ministry Partners,

Psalm 6 Says; “May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine on us 2 so that your ways may be known on earth, your salvation among all nations. 3 May the peoples praise you, God; may all the peoples praise you. 4 May the nations be glad and sing for joy, for you rule the peoples with equity and guide the nations of the earth. 5 May the peoples praise you, God; may all the peoples praise you. 6 The land yields its harvest; God, our God, blesses us. 7 May God bless us still, so that all the ends of the earth will fear him.”

Mary and I praise God, and we also thank you because through our partnership with you in Dynamic Churches International we have seen God change so many lives, families, churches and communities. 2019 is off to a great start and it could be another record year!

The recent Mission trip to Bangkok, Thailand and India has provided new opportunities for ministry. Plans are being made to expand the DCI work in Thailand, Bhutan, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Haiti and 18 countries in Africa plus begin in 6 new countries there.

Dr. Simeon Oyugi our African Director – established 11 new countries in West Africa in 2018. He now has Regional Directors, National Directors, Area Directors and Community Trainers in place in a total of 18 countries (plus) in Africa. Each week they are conducting Spontaneous Disciple Making workshops in Churches to equip their people to reach out into their community, and they are sharing the gospel and discipling their families and friends through Discovery Groups.

God continues to grow His Church! Invitations and requests continue to come in for our ministry. This month Simeon is planning a similar trip to the one he did in West Africa, this time for pastors in Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan, Djibouti, Eritrea and Somali in North East Africa. In March he is invited to return to Uganda, Cameroon and Tanzania for one week. In April he will be going to Zambia for three weeks to train 200 Pastors plus church leaders in our Spontaneous Disciple Making Ministry.

Simeon emailed me to say; “With these 3 trips, our ministry should be established in about half of the 54 countries in Africa and from what I see happening already in 2019 the number of DCI Training Workshops would more than triple what we were able to do last year. God helping us, we should be able to establish all regions in Africa with a DCI Network of Trainers and Workshops, and what would remain would be a few small countries and the Islands. Let us keep this in prayer so that God will use DCI to make it happen for His glory.”

Simeon also said; “Pastor Peter in Cameroon and Pastor Robert in Kenya are each organizing people for 21 days and Pastor Moses for 40 days of Fasting and Prayer for the DCI ministry. This is amazing and shows that they see the need for training and are very committed to what we provide.”

Changed Lives!

We are a very small ministry compared to many others, but God is accomplishing amazing results! Why? Many people have told us that they pray for us every day! I also believe that the structure that God gave us to use is a big factor. We are working primarily though volunteers. Pastors and Church Leaders, even Denominational Leaders have caught the vision (they own it) and they are working together as ONE CHURCH, training each other even across denominations because they are committed to fulfilling the Great Commission in their communities. They are also seeing the results of our ministry and lives are being transformed as they learn to let Jesus live through them!

Please Pray!

I am writing to you today to encourage you to pray for Simeon as he goes into these countries in North Africa. There is very strong religious opposition there and he could be in very serious danger!

Need for Finances!

As the ministry continues to grow and expand into new areas, it also requires an increase in finances. Simeon will need $13,200 for Travel, Accommodations and Printing of Materials for the above 3 trips.

You may want to invest in reaching Africa by equipping disciples in the Churches there. (Any amount toward meeting this $13,200 need would be greatly appreciated).

Thank you for your prayers and financial support! Through you God is expanding His Kingdom. Together with you, we are a team and we very much need each other to accomplish the great work God has given us to do!

Donations can be mailed to the addresses below or via bank e-transfer to or online using a credit card at: in Canada or in the U.S.

May God bless you all!
Your brother and sister in Christ,

Al and Mary Middleton
Executive Directors

PDF copy of this newsletter: February 2019 DCI Global Report

Dynamic Churches International 164 Stonegate Close Airdrie, AB T4B 2V2 Canada Phone/Fax (403) 912-4438

USA: PO Box 3431, Vista, CA 92085-3431

Web site

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Christmas Update – The Middletons

Christmas Letter Dec. 2018
Unto us a Child is born!
Celebrating God’s Gift!

John 3:16 says it best!
“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in
him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

2018 has seen growth and changes in our family.

Lynn and Bob have gone through some changes. Bob, Matt and Josh were all working for the same company in Calgary but in August, all 3 lost their jobs. Thankfully, God placed them all in new jobs.

They had their 4 grandchildren (our greatgrandchildren) Emma, Orrin, James and Sam from Nashville here and in Idaho for 5 weeks in the summer. We got to share in a week with them at the lake in Idaho.

Their oldest son Matthew and Ashley had their first child, Everett Matthew in September so we are all enjoying having a new little one in our lives. Josh is working in Ft. McMurray area and is developing his Web Design company on the side.

Mark and Linda: Mark continues his work for Partitions Systems as their engineer. Linda has her hair business and keeps busy with her crafts and Christmas Shoe Boxes (this year she did 36!) Julia, also a mechanical engineer, bought a home in Sherwood Park last October and Mark and Linda have spent countless hours helping her renovate it into a beautiful home! Steven also a mechanical engineer working on his Master’s degree. Steven got engaged to Kaybrie in July and they will be married next week, December 22!
That will be our Middleton Christmas get together.

Joan and Earl were about to leave on a cruise last January when Joan had another heart incident and was unable to go. She is fine now and they are both busy with their jobs, church and friends. Reggie completed his 4th year Electrician degree and got engaged this November. Reggie and Johanna have set June 22nd as their wedding date. Robert is a surveyor and is working in Ft. St. John until April. Raymond is in NAIT taking his first year in Carpentry. Raymond is also engaged to Kendra and they plan to be married July 6th.

Our lives keep busy still helping Zizina and her family. We are still quite involved taking the kids to appointments, helping fill out forms and taking the kids to church and youth. December 4th it was 4 years since they arrived here. We helped them apply for Citizenship and Zizina writes her test for that on December 20th. Pray that she does well. Her oldest Enoch graduated in June and is working now.

We also attended the grad of Amanda and Moses’ daughter Mosetta (our other adopted African family). She is now in college in N. Dakota on an athletic scholarship.

In August we bought an older truck and 5th wheel camper and got to test it out one snowy weekend in mid-September. Looking forward to camping with family in summer 2019!

Mission trip

October 24 to November 8 Mary and I did a mission trip to Bangkok, Thailand and several places in India. It was great to see several of our DCI staff – some we have not seen for a long time. We made some very potential contacts that should help expand our ministry in the coming years.

Wishing you and yours, joy and peace this Christmas and a healthy and prosperous 2019!


Al and Mary

This letter with photos and graphics is here in PDF: Middleton_Christmas_2018

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