Malawi Testimonies

Dear friends,

Want to have more reasons to praise the Lord? Here’s some more testimonies from our team in Malawi. We received these yesterday – following their second trip to Nkhata Bay for 3 more days of teaching and training of leaders.

The testimonies from:

· Gracious Sichali, “these teachings are good, and from these teachings of DCI I have managed to open up some other church branches, many people are accepting Christ and they are being discipled and placed in various life groups.”
· Major Godfrey Chagwa (Salvation Army Church), “I have learnt a lot from DCI teachings, one to one disciple making is one of the ways of developing leaders. As I continue discipling people through one to one it becomes very easy for me to identify leaders and their capacities. And very soon we expect to open another church branch out of the DCI teachings, even the LG multiplication is still taking place, which really tells us that soon our community will be covered up with the gospel, and we thank God for His mercies.”
· Pastor Smarton Manda (Calvary Family Church), “one to one discipling has helped a lot, for more people have discovered what eternal life means, and many are accepting Christ in their lives. My church is growing in numbers and in faith. I have also started the prison ministry where a lot of prisoners are getting saved through one to one discipleship, and last week 49 prisoners accepted Christ.”

Please continue to pray for our team. They returned home early from this trip because of sickness. Perhaps caused by food, we don’t know….but we do know that without your prayers, this work would not move forward as it is. Satan does not like what is happening – his territory is being won over by Jesus Christ. Here’s another small excerpt from their report:

“The percentage of psychiatric people is very high, and it is heard that many are chamba (Indian hemp) smokers and some are bewitched, and it is also believed that if one has been bewitched like that, then the one who has done that shall be having a big catch of fish in the lake, they also believe that the more he moves from one place to another it means the catch of fish grows….”

We have many reasons to be thankful. You are one of them. Thanks for your interest. Praise the Lord with us!

Hans and Elly Timmermans

Oct. 17, 2016

About dcimiddleton

Al and Mary Middleton lead a Christian ministry, Dynamic Churches International. They are based In Alberta, Canada.
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