Online Course

The content on our “One to One Discipleship” page is also available in an online course. This course is featured in the learning management system (LMS) of Christian Ministry Academy.

The Christian Ministry Academy is a service to the global Christian community to enable ministry workers to learn from their peers. Our Academy includes always free online learning resources to help you grow your ministry and engage your supporters. You will benefit from thoughtful tips on practical ministry issues  such as:
• engaging supporters,
• effective communication,
• finding resources,
• fundraising,
• practical tools for team-building,  
• ideas for congregational and ministry growth,
• self-care and work life balance.

Our Course is entitled DCI School of Discipleship and has the content available in various languages with review quizes and application assignments. Al Middleton begins with this introduction:

I am seeing many Churches failing to experience dramatic growth because the individual believers do not know who they are “In Christ” and so they are not living out the dynamic life that God has placed within them. The world is looking for what we have and they will be drawn to Christ when they see Him living in us!
This  series  will  help  you  know who  you  are  “In Christ!”
You must choose what you will do with what you know.
A  Barna study asked churches what they would want to do differently when it comes to discipleship. The #1 answer was “develop a clear plan and approach for discipleship.”  
The DCI School of Discipleship provides you with the plan and tools for effective discipleship.

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