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Dynamic Churches International

Refreshing and equipping people with proven tools and materials that will transform them into disciples, disciple-makers and leaders.



One-to-One Discipling Books

Dynamic Life Handbook (Basics, Discipling, Sharing) $29.95
Dynamic Basics (Booklet)  $3.50         
Dynamic Discipling (spiral bound) $11.95       
Dynamic Sharing (spiral bound) $8.95

Gospel Presentations:

Become a Child of God 10/$1.00       
Are You a Zombie? $.45 each       
Know God Personally $.45 each       
The Spirit Filled Life $.45 each

Ultimate Purpose– The Glorious Life God Intends for His Children: These can all be used for Personal Growth, with a Friend, in a Small Group, in a Leadership Retreat or as a Sermon Series. Taught by Al Middleton

Ultimate Purpose Video Intro and 13 Sessions on 4 DVDs
DVD Set  $39.95
MP4 video downloads  $24.95

Ultimate Purpose PowerPoint / Open Office – Video Intro and 13 Sessions
on 1 DVD  $11.95
PowerPoint Download  $5.95

Ultimate Purpose Book – Intro and 13 Sessions
Paperback  $9.95
PDF download  $4.95

Note: If you are living outside of North America and need a discount or scholarship, please specify this in your order request.

Spontaneous Disciple Making

Reproducing Discovery Groups $11.95
– How to become a Disciple Making Church

Coach Training and Resources $11.95
– How to equip your Discovery Group Leaders

Pastors Life Group $11.95
– Resources to Lead a Pastors Life Group

DCI Trainers Handbook $11.95
– A Strategy to Fulfill the Great Commission – Locally and Globally

Small Group Study Resource:

Life Studies $4.95
– 24 Interactive Bible Studies for Small Groups

Our Awesome God! Our Amazing Adventure! by Al Middleton $20.00
A full length book about Al’s spiritual journey and the story of DCI’s birth, mission and international development. It is also available as a Kindle ebook on

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