Global Update – November 2016

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Dear Friends & Ministry Partners,

John 12:24 (NIVUK) says; “Very truly I tell you, unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.”

Spontaneous Disciple Making is all about growing Christians up to maturity so they are living like Jesus, finding fertile soil (people who are interested in learning about God) and planting seeds (by sharing the gospel with them).

God is doing so many wonderful things that it is difficult to select only a few to share with you.

Ron and Bev Nelson Alberta Directors Report on their Ministry Trip to Haiti:

Our translator Jean Claude Esther has continued to conduct DCI training workshops since we left Haiti. There is much excitement at each workshop. They are reaching out and many people have received Christ as their Saviour, including the two men on the right who were gang members from the slums of Jacmel. They plan to change the city and surrounding area. The great need is for Bibles to follow-up all these new believers. 72 of the 87 Pastors we trained did not have a Bible in their own (Creole) language. We hope to provide Bibles for them. Could you help?
Creole Full Bibles Diglot Creole/French New Testaments
Quantity Cost per unit Total CDN Cost per unit Total CDN
500 13.23 $6612.50 2.21 $1105.00
1000 13.23 $13225.00 2.21 $2210.00
5000 11.73 $58650.00 2.21 $11050.00

Hans and Elly Timmermans Canadians serving in Malawi, East Africa: They Report:

“After attending the DCI training, Pastor Smarton Manda started discipling and training leaders at the Nkhata Bay prison. He said that 49 prisoners have come to the Lord and they are being discipled. Some prisoners wanted to worship with his church. By the love of God, the authorities who are in charge of the prison have said that they will be escorting these people for Sunday Services at church.

Hans and Elly share that they have equipped a team of 4 National leaders who started 1 Group in Karonga area. This group became 7 Groups, that reproduced to 27 and according to a recent report they are now at 90 groups (90 X 10+ = 900+ people) – and they are still reproducing!

Simeon Oyugi Nairobi, Kenya:

“Greetings in the precious Name of Jesus Christ and to God be all the glory. The Team which arrived in Kitale on the 13th, just returned today with a good report of Souls harvested to the Kingdom. On their arrival in Kitale, they conducted a training workshop in a church with 28 Pastors and leaders. They equipped them to go door to door and people began to receive Jesus and in 3 days they had 13 people receiving Jesus Christ. The following week, 5 of the 13 who received Jesus Christ began calling their friends who opened their homes for the Gospel and when the Kitale people saw what was happening, they called it Networking Evangelism. The whole game changed! Now they saw that every home needed Jesus!
Sadly, they were interrupted as cattle rustlers attacked the near by village and so they had to find a safe place. The attack was very serious and a number of people have been killed and some people ran away from their homes for lack of security.
The good news is that by the time the team came back, they left 55 New Discovery Groups in the community. In total 68 people received Jesus. The team was also welcomed and asked to share the Gospel during funerals and in this situation they could not tell how many people got saved because it was a large crowd and they all lifted their hands needing prayer.”
News just in; “Pastor Robert has just returned from the coastal region of Kenya and files the following report; ‘We had 20 leaders from Mombasa, and 72 leaders from Kilifi County and hundreds of people giving their Lives to the Lord, but they could only account for 270 as the county is ravaged by famine now and people are feeding on Leaves of any tree or plant. Every night people were receiving Jesus and disappearing in search of food. But DCI gave hope to the hopeless and if we could help provide nutritious food for them, there would be an even greater time to harvest thousands of Souls to the Kingdom of God. Because any gathering attracts people in search of hope which only Jesus can give and any humanitarian support would lead to a great miracle harvest of Souls.
In this location many Muslims received Jesus to give them hope for their lives.’
Pastor Robert told me (Simeon) this morning that the New Discovery Groups established was 127, one of the biggest number ever to be recorded in the year 2016.”
Simeon says; “Pastor Robert mentioned to me, that when he closed the training and announced he was going back to Nairobi the people were not ready to let him go, because he had given them hope, hunger, thirst and a passion for God. He told me how he saw them harvesting wild leaves to cook for him because he was a visitor which he ate together with them.
You can Google for yourself and see what is going on in Kilifi with this strange famine – dying vegetation, killing animals, birds and people. God have mercy on this desperate situation.Link: kilifi-county/
DCI is moving in areas that even Government official would not dare go to unless under organized security.
We thank God for DCI.
– Simeon.”

Jing Estrella Philippines: Shares;

“The training in Bukidnon went well. Sixty two people attended representing 9 churches. The training focused mostly on One-to-One Discipleship particularly on the Basics and Discipling because this is what they were requesting. They set a goal of finishing cross-training each other until the whole membership of their churches has completed the Dynamic Basics before the end of 2016.
I also presented to them the Discovery Group Process and some leaders expressed the desire to have further follow-up meetings about this strategy.
Please pray for permanent, stable peace and order in Davao City and the entire Mindanao province.
On September 2, 2016, at around 10:00 PM, Davao City was bombed. 16 people were confirmed dead and more than 60 were critically injured. The Abu Sayaff group claimed responsibility. Pray that God will frustrate their plans of spreading terrorism to other provinces of Mindanao.

Clair Ziolkowski – Canadian working in Zambia:

Clair had an amazing trip to Zambia last summer and was scheduled for surgery when he returned. That went well, but then he had several other health problems that kept him in the hospital for several weeks.
He reports on the trip; “I believe that the work that has been started in Zambia, will continue to grow and flourish under God’s servants that he has in place in Zambia. Thank you for your prayers and support, for me and the ministry, as we continue to provide the Bibles, devotionals, food and dresses to those in need in Zambia. The Pastors have expressed their love and gratefulness for the ministry we had there. The Good News that has been shared and preached to thousands of people, has given them hope for eternity in Heaven for so many lives and encouraged the Pastors to continue in their ministries to boldly share the Good News of Jesus Christ to their people.”

Clair plans to return to Zambia in April next year. He has been trained to be able to equip the Pastors in our DCI strategy, and he has materials being printed there so that he can conduct DCI workshops for Pastors. He also will develop a team of national leaders there to be able to carry on and expand disciple-making throughout Zambia.
Thank you for your prayers and financial support! Through you God is expanding His Kingdom. We together with you are a team and we very much need each other to accomplish the great work God has given us to do!

Donations can be sent to the DCI address, or through Canada Helps in Canada or Network for Good in the U.S. (both online).
May God bless you all!

Your Brother and Sister in Christ,
Al and Mary Middleton

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Al and Mary Middleton lead a Christian ministry, Dynamic Churches International. They are based In Alberta, Canada.
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