Global Report – September, 2020

DCI Global Report – September, 2020

The Harvest is Plentiful!

Dear Faithful Friends and Ministry Partners,

In Luke 10:2 Jesus says; “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” It is Harvest Time!

I have been told that dry times (at the right time) can be good for a crop because it causes the plants to send their roots down deeper to find moisture. The result of this strong root system benefits the plant throughout the season producing a great harvest. Here in Western Canada the beautiful grain fields are ripening for harvest, and the farmers are working day and night to gather them in, but because of Covid-19 for many Christians in the Church, this is a dry season spiritually. Has this challenging time caused us to go deeper with God? Harvest time comes whether we are ready or not. Have we been growing strong in the Lord (with strong roots) so that we will produce a great harvest?

The pandemic has made it difficult for everyone including the Church, but God is busy growing His church and He is also raising up workers and preparing them for this season of Harvest!

I have just attended GACX MOMENTUM an online forum involving 4,000 leaders from 91 ministries in 127 countries. It was great to hear the testimonies of how the pandemic has accelerated the growth of the Church. For example: Sixty thousand new Churches have been planted recently in the Philippines, exceeding their goal, for a total of 120,000 churches by the end of 2020, and of how God is raising up a new generation of young people who are passionate about God and are reaching their peers with the good news of the gospel. Let us never forget that God is in control! He is mobilizing His Church!!

The following reports share a few examples of what God is doing through our DCI team:

Harish Binayak Coordinates DCI as part of the Leadership Training Centre (LTC) in India and surrounding countries. He reports on the following DCI Trainers:

Arunachal Pradesh, India/Myanmar:

The harvest is in full swing in South East Asia! Pastor Yongkon has been doing a great work in reaching out to the unreached people, even in this tough situation. He trained 7 young men for about a year and they will be graduating soon. DCI books were used in the training. In the past three months Pastor Yongkon with his team reached out to 453 people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Last week 44 people received Jesus Christ plus 5 more this week and all were baptized. Several new house fellowships were birthed. He needs 2 new trained Evangelists to help keep up with the response! The total cost would be $325 per month.

Yongkon, with the help of LTC, did relief work among the poorest people and gave them dried food. They also had a one-day children’s ministry and distributed clothes to the poor children. Continue to pray that they will reach many more communities with the Gospel.

Dilip Singha is also seeing a great harvest among the Muslim people in Bangladesh. He has an urgent need for a used motor bike to travel to their villages. The cost would be $1,300. Could you help reach these villages?

Experiences of Richard Khum, Myanmar;

From my ministry experience of about 30 years, my priority is to give proper training for teaching the Bible to those who will teach the word of God. Most pastors have only a 3-month course to be a preacher. They especially need training on how to make disciples and then to equip their disciples to reproduce to others what they have learned.

Experiences of Aung Kyi;

Persecution is heavy here! After becoming a Christian, brother Aung Kyi was cast out by his family and village.

But God is doing a mighty thing among them!

Aung Kyi has been preaching the Gospel among the Shan tribal group and tells the following:

First, he met the administrator of the village and after getting agreement from him he started to visit people house to house telling them about Jesus Christ. He met and prayed for some demon-possessed people and cast out evil spirits from them. The evil spirits know that Jesus in Aung Kyi is mightier than the spirits are and whenever he enters a house of possessed people they shout and cry loudly that he should not cast them out of them. Also, by the power of God many sick people were healed by his prayers so there is great interest in the Gospel and many people have received Christ through his preaching. Now he is reaching several other villages with this good news of the Gospel.

Richard says that the administrator of Pone Htun told him that you and brother Aung Kyi are the best ones to teach our young people how to live right, so please train us how to keep them from drugs and life-destroying habits. Thus, brother Aung Kyi was called Pastor by all the villagers and they gave him freedom from paying all taxes to the government and the armies.

The administrator asked me to celebrate Christmas at his village this year.

Experiences of Peter;

Christianity among the Palaung tribal group in Myanmar is very rarely seen. Because they are under the control of the Palaung army and they are not free to share the gospel, so the people never hear. Peter told us that the people are eagerly willing to read material in their own dialect. He also shared the need for more Palaung dialect speaking evangelists and missionaries. There are many thousands of Palaung people who have never heard the Gospel, not even once.


Simeon Oyugi, our DCI African Director reports that there is great interest coming in from several more countries for DCI training. The people all over Africa are so hungry for God! The Pastors need training to equip their people to reach out to their community with the gospel and disciple those who receive Christ. Many people are coming to Christ and our Discipleship books get distributed to this growing number of new Christians.

Several countries are asking for more books. Cost for printing $6,500.

There are travel restrictions, but Simeon is doing what he can to train pastors and national leaders online. The Ethiopian DCI Director is asking for $325 for initial Wi-Fi set-up plus $40/month to maintain the connection so he can train Pastors in his country online. This would be a great investment in God’s Kingdom! Could you invest?

We are praying that God (the Lord of the Harvest) will raise-up workers for the Harvest. One way you can be a worker is to finance national leaders. They are trained and qualified and eager to serve God. They are also affordable. They know the language and culture and they are there now and ready to serve. You could help send them! They need your help to provide them with resources such as a modest income, travel expenses and materials.

The DCI Ministry continues to need your support for our many very fruitful workers in these challenging times.

Donations can be mailed to the addresses below, by signing up for pre-authorized payments (PAP) from your bank account, by bank e-transfer to or by donating online via credit card through:

in Canada: in the US:

May God bless you all!Your brother and sister in Christ,

Al and Mary Middleton
Executive Director

PDF copy of this letter with images: Sept 2020 Global Report

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