DCI Global Report – July 2020

“For such a time as this”

Dear Faithful Friends and Ministry Partners,
In the book of Esther 4:14 CEV – Mordechai said to Ester when the Jewish people were about to be annihilated. “If you don’t speak up now, we will somehow get help, but you and your family will be killed. It could be that you were made queen for a time like this!” These are difficult times, but I believe God has brought DCI ministry into existence “for such a time as this”!

The following is what we train Pastors and Church leaders in so they can equip their people to reach out to their community. This can be effective in any Church (large or small), any country or culture. The comments in RED below are examples from reports from National leaders to illustrate that aspect of the process.

Spontaneous Disciple Making Process
Discovery Group to Celebration

1. Vision and Desire come from God.

2. Prayer to know God’s direction

3. Engage with People in the Community.




Our partners in India report: “During this lock down period, we reached out to more than 1,000 families with food (rice, pulse, cooking oil, sugar, flour, and vegetables plus each person is offered a Bible).” In Zambia, our partners provided food and supplies for orphans, and study Bibles for Pastors etc.

4. Find a Person who is Interested and Open to the Gospel. Share the gospel or
invite him/her to begin a Discovery Group.

5. Begin a Discovery Group.

“New Discovery Groups are expanding and growing so fast!”

6. Baptize all who receive Jesus Christ. (See example in Zambia )

7. Establish each new Christian in their faith using Dynamic Basics One-to-One.

“In many countries in Africa One to One is like a new bread which is selling like hot cakes even in this Covid-19. As a result, One – to – One Discipleship and leadership Training has become the new way of doing Church. With the shutdowns and lockouts, door to door ministry has become more practical as places of worship are still locked up.”

8. Begin other Discovery Groups with the family and friends of those who attend the first group and each new group. “New Discovery Groups consistently multiply”

9. Recruit and develop a leader for every new Discovery

Group using Dynamic Discipling One-to-One and Coach Training and Resources. In
Coach of 5 to 7 Discovery Groups

Africa: “Every Church leader appreciates the leadership growth and Church expansion. In June and July, 3 Volunteer Pastors trained 482 Pastors and leaders in 13 different communities, 223 people received Jesus Christ, 163 Discovery Groups began, and 13 New Churches were started.”

“In Asia: Our qualified Trainers also equip Young Professionals for Business as Ministry for Marketplace outreach.”

10. Expand the present Church Ministry and/or Plant New Churches. The Original Leader continues to Coach each person in his/her Discovery Group, for at least 2 years as they begin and lead their own group.

11. Form Community/Life Groups

When a sufficient number of people are attending your network of Discovery Groups you should form Community/Life Groups of 6 to 7 people that should reproduce to form 2 groups when they grow to 12 to 14 people. The purpose of these groups is to experience Christian fellowship, worship God and minister to each other using your Spiritual Gifts.
Still to Come!

12. Equipping Workshops and Seminars should be provided as
needed to prepare each person to live an effective Christian life, to minister
to each other and expand the movement of discipleship – reaching out and
serving the community around them.

13. Regional Congregation could be formed.

When a sufficient number of Community Groups have formed in a region or community they could gather together to establish a Regional Congregation. The Church Planter could serve as the Regional Congregation Pastor.
Fulfilling the Great Commission requires that you have a Balance between Movement and Momentum.

14. Regional Congregations come together to Celebrate

As a Movement of discipleship builds and you continue to expand into other regions of your city (community) by starting more Discovery Groups that establish more Community/Life Groups that become Regional Congregations, Momentum will also build as they come together for a very Special Celebration, Praise and Worship Services.

15. Citywide Celebration Service

A Citywide Celebration Service could be held in an appropriately large rented facility to bring all the Congregations together to Worship God and Celebrate the amazing work He is doing in your community. This gathering would provide an excellent opportunity to invite family and friends to attend. Citywide Celebration Services could be held several times each year and would create excitement and Momentum that would expand the whole process to fulfil the Great Commission in your community. Momentum will expand even more rapidly as many Churches work together as One Church to reach your community!

The DCI Ministry continues to need your support for our many very fruitful workers in these challenging times.

Donations can be mailed to the addresses below, by signing up for pre-authorized payments (PAP) from your bank account, by bank e-transfer to dcimiddleton@shaw.ca or by donating online via credit card through our Donate page here.

May God bless you all!

Your brother and sister in Christ,
Al and Mary Middleton

graphics-enriched PDF copy: July 2020 Global Report

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Dynamic Churches International
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Al and Mary Middleton lead a Christian ministry, Dynamic Churches International. They are based In Alberta, Canada.
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