“Ultimate Purpose” – Now Available as Downloadable Videos

We now have the Ultimate Purpose videos, PowerPoint file, and PDF notebook available at our web site. Notice an introductory page under “Training Resources” menu. The download option is now an option in the DCI store:

Ultimate Purpose– The Glorious Life God Intends for His Children: These can all be used for Personal Growth, with a Friend, in a Small Group, in a Leadership Retreat or as a Sermon Series. Taught by Al Middleton

Ultimate Purpose Video Intro and 13 Sessions on 4 DVDs
DVD Set  $39.95
MP4 video downloads  $24.95

Ultimate Purpose PowerPoint / Open Office – Video Intro and 13 Sessions
on 1 DVD  $11.95
PowerPoint Download  $5.95

Ultimate Purpose Book – Intro and 13 Sessions
Paperback  $9.95
PDF download  $4.95

We also have a hardship discount option available: “Note: If you are living outside of North America and need a discount or scholarship, please specify this in your order request.”

The Ultimate Purpose downloads are hosted on three pages (connected to the right of the Ultimate Purpose introductory page) here: https://dynamicchurches.org/resources/ultimate_purpose/

To access these pages and download the items, passwords are required. When these products are purchased or gifted, we provide the page passwords.

Please pass the word along about the Ultimate Purpose online/downloadable resources!

About dcimiddleton

Al and Mary Middleton lead a Christian ministry, Dynamic Churches International. They are based In Alberta, Canada.
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