Rusinga Island Report from Simeon Oyugi – Kenya

Rusinga Island Report:
Going to Rusinga Island had several exciting moments.One hour away from Rusinga, we meet with cows, donkeys, goats and sheep just laying on the middle of the road, but when they heard the sound of our car honking they walked off the road and let us pass and then return to the road.
At Rusinga, we went to the Guest house. Here we were a little scared, we had insects which resemble mosquitoes and their greatest friend is LIGHT, so they literally covered and darkened the ceiling by the thousands, and at some point I thought we were being received by witches, but we were informed that this was the season of these flies like mosquitoes.

When we began the training sessions I noticed that ladies were overwhelmingly more than men. On inquiry we were told that many men had died of HIV and Aids.
We had more than 1% of the total population of Rusinga Island with 7 different church organizations in attendance and several leaders and Pastors.

We trained 312 and 17 people gave their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ.
The leaders and Pastors we trained, got to know DCI for the first time and they embraced the DCI strategy and to God be all the glory. The Pastors and leaders enthusiastically met with the 17 new believers and made plans to begin Discovery Groups with them and hopefully they would also invite their family and friends.

I owe this success to the constant prayers of you and the partners who have allowed the Lord to use them for the Training and Discipling of Africa for Jesus.

May God bless you.

About dcimiddleton

Al and Mary Middleton lead a Christian ministry, Dynamic Churches International. They are based In Alberta, Canada.
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