Kenya Report: Bad News Turned into Good News

Dear Praying Friends,

Precious greetings in Jesus Name, thank God we are alive and protected by His blood.

Thank you for having prayed for us! We almost faced death. The car we hired lost its breaks after we hit a pot hole and crashed into a huge rock that stopped it. If the rock had not stopped us it could have been a fatal accident and our crew of five DCI trainers could have died. A few books were torn, the camera screen was broken, the front lights, bumper and the wheels were twisted, but this did not spoil the Training Mission Spirit. We left the car at a garage and it is still being repaired. Thank you for praying for us! Please continue to pray for us every day.

That was bad news, but now this is good news. Oyani Maasai is the border between three Tribes in Kenya: the Maasai which spreads up to Maasai Mara, the Kuria Tribe which spreads up to Tanzania and the Luo Community. All these Tribes were present in the Training. There were Tribal clashes going on even as the Training was going on. But we had security on Patrol.

We trained 15 Pastors and 42 leaders. 3 ladies gave their lives to the Lord and this is where the amazing story begins. One of the ladies who received Christ was just visiting a friend and attended the training. After she got saved, she insisted we must know her people. So on Sunday, we got on a motor cycle and travelled one hour to reach her home. Just like the Samaritan Woman who called her people together, and as we gathered to prayer, she shouted “give us a Pastor, this is a church”. A new church was planted with her people. We asked Pastor Meshack, who was with us in the Training with his Bishop? What should we do? His Bishop appointed Pastor Meshack to take care of that church.

So this new Discovery Group became a church of five people with a Pastor in Charge.

Thank God for the Holy Spirit who enabled us to overlook the accident and move on and do the Training, The whole team said that the accident was the price we paid for this new church. In all the training I have done in Kenya, East Africa and even in Ghana, I have never seen such an Authentic and Automatic start, but indeed this gave meaning for our name, “Spontaneous” and “Dynamic”.

You would need a video to capture the joy and tears of these people. Thank you for praying and May God bless you.


About dcimiddleton

Al and Mary Middleton lead a Christian ministry, Dynamic Churches International. They are based In Alberta, Canada.
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