June 2022 Global Report

Dear Friends and Ministry Partners,
Jesus said, “go and make disciples” (Matthew 28:18-20). In this Global Report I
will share examples from national leaders in Malawi under the direction of our
staff Hans and Elly Timmermans. God is transforming lives and churches through
their ministry of Making Disciples.

It is amazing how God can take ONE LIFE and bless so many!

NKHOTAKOTA FOLLOW-UP REPORT 2022 by John a national DCI leader in Zambia
We had a very exciting time at Nkhotakota this past week. This time we focused on Sani and Mwansambo. We were following-up on the work that Raphael started in 2018 and the work is now in the hands of John Mwafulirwa who is the main coach appointed by Raphael Hara, before he left Nkhotakota to go back to his home Village Baula where he is doing a great Job training leaders and establishing Multiplying Life Groups.

Raphael did an excellent work training John as a coach; we see that John is doing exactly the things we trained Raphael to do. The passing on principle has really worked well. By God’s grace John is establishing the discipleship work in Nkhotakota among the Muslim people.

So far John has more than five coaches under his leadership and lots of Life Groups in different areas, in Nkhotakota Sani, Linga, Kabamba Chipole, Matamangwe, and Mwansambo as well far places like Dwangwa, Salime. He will be travelling to Lilongwe Area where he has been invited by Pastor Shamestone Zimba to organize a-three-day leaders training with various leaders from Four Different Churches. In all these longdistance trainings the people that invite him do cover all the expenses including transport. John also has an assistant coach by the name Yesaya, he is from Kalibu Kwa Yesu Church (John belongs to the Anglican Church). John has been working with different Churches like, Kalibu Kwa Yesu, Cornerstone Church, Kingdom Gospel, Mission Internal, Heaven and Earth Church, Last Church, African Church, and African Abraham.

John has Nine Life Group Leaders who were once Muslims and after discipling them they decided to join the Life Groups. They openly confess that they are now Christians and have joined different churches. This is exactly what happens, Muslims receive Christ, and after being discipled, they come out into the open and tell the whole world that they are now Christians. We even had a chance to meet with one of the ladies that was a radical MusIim but now she is a Christian. When she heard that we were coming she volunteered to help us during the training. She is an amazing woman in her early 50s. Other leaders have also discipled Muslims who openly profess that they are now Christians. God is really at work in Nkhotakota.

We were encouraged to see that traditional Churches like African Abraham, Last Church, Anglican, African Yakobe are now becoming discipling Churches and sharing the gospel through the One-to-One Discipling approach. Some of these churches have been in Nkhotakota for decades but they have never been impactful in the Muslim community because they were not preaching the Gospel. Now with the DCI teachings they have been transformed as they adopt discipleship principles in their churches.
One of the churches we went to visit was the Mwasambo Anglican Church, we were blessed to see how they are fully involved in evangelism through One-to-One which is helping them win more souls to God’s Kingdom. When these new Christians receive Christ they attend a Life Group where they are fully discipled.

At Mwasambo we met with 11 Life Group leaders, and we had a great time of interacting and teaching.
Realizing that most people had the background of being raised under traditional churches, Caleb thought it would be wise to bring up the topic on salvation. The group was so happy to learn more about salvation and were encouraged after learning they can have the assurance of their salvation.
We carried into these communities about 400 Chichewa New Testament Bibles and Dynamic Basics
booklets, and we also handed out 150 Chichewa Dynamic Discipling booklets. People were very happy that they could have their own Bibles to read because it is very hard for people from Nkhotakota to find a Bible. So, we really thank God for all the supporters who make it possible that people can have their own free Bible, bringing the word of God into their homes is what is making all the difference in these areas. Thanks! John

Below is another exciting report from Caleb, a DCI Team member. This report is from last week’s travels to follow-up and further train the leaders.

When he went to his village in Mwansambo, he started doing One-to-One Discipleship going through the Dynamic Basics with the people in his community and formed a Life Group called Naliwomba Life Group. Out of that one Life Group, now there are ten Life Groups that have multiplied in that area of Mwansambo and beyond.

Among these ten Life Groups, there is one group called Masewe which is in Ntchisi about 25 km away from Mwansambo trading center. Benson commits himself to walking 25 km to and 25 km back to follow-up on this group.

Ntchisi is one of the central districts which are popularly known for NYAWU dance. This traditional dance unites the Chewa people in worshiping spirits. They also have a church called Chipembezo Cha Makolo (which means the religion of our ancestors) in respect to their traditional dance. In this religion young adults who have reached puberty are forced to join their religious leaders and camp with them for a week or so for counseling. Usually, they camp at the graveyard where there is a thick forest to easily connect with the ancestral spirits. This practice has kept many of the Chewa people away from the knowledge of the word of GOD and also academic knowledge because most of the time, they are attending to ritual practices.

But we thank GOD that by His grace and His plan of redemption, He allowed DCI One-to-One Discipleship lessons and Life Group Bible studies to be introduced in this area of Masewe in Ntchisi through Benson. He trained several people in One-to-One Dynamic Basics in this area. This has opened people of Masewe area to Salvation to the extent that even the senior Chief Kasakula and his wife are now attending the Life Group Bible studies.

Benson testified to us that he attended a Sunday service in one of the churches in this area and was amazed to see that the pastor of the church said that today I will not preach but instead we will have a Life Group Bible discussion. After the Bible discussion, the senior Chief Kasakula

Benson also said that most of these Nyawu people and young adults have now received Jesus Christ as their LORD and Savior and devotedly attend the Life Groups to become His disciple. This has brought great revival in their communities! Caleb

Hans says, “The result in these villages is that as Animists, Muslims, and even main line Christian churches come to faith in Christ, healing begins to take place in families and communities!”

Through the Life of Christ, People are transformed, Churches are transformed, and Communities are being transformed!

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Your brother and sister in Christ,
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See this report with photos (PDF document):

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