DCI Global Report – August 2021

Dear Friends and Ministry Partners,

There is much trouble and confusion in our world. The battle for the souls of people is
full on, and like the Psalmist we need to pray that evil will be exposed and that God
will protect us in the battle. He prayed in Psalms 140:7-8 NIV:

“Sovereign LORD, my strong deliverer, you shield my head in the day of battle. Do not grant the wicked their desires, LORD; do not let their plans succeed.”

(Note: This Global Report is featuring just one of many of our faithful DCI Staff and Trainers.  I have edited these several reports for clarity only – Al)

Richard Khum our DCI trainer in Myanmar reports:
“I would like to tell you; your Dynamic books in Burmese and Chin (Falam dialect) are very excellent and a very great blessing for us. We conducted Discipleship Training on 6-10 April 2021 at Pone Htun village, Lashio Township, Shan State. There were 9 participants (our missionaries) in the training. We had 6 hours of lectures every day and at night they had 2 hours of discussions led by Aung Kyi and Daniel. We had dawn prayer at 5:30 am every morning. We experienced the activities of the Holy Spirit, day by day.


(Pastor Richard is on the front row with the red shirt)

It was so great and precious for us. As Paul said to Timothy in 2 Timothy 2:2, now the Lord is using me to teach others. The Lord is so good to me because by teaching these subjects to others I was richly empowered by the message I gave to them, and I am so thrilled to do it again and again.  Despite the problems and crisis of our country, by the grace of God we can continue our mission work without ceasing any single day and we are so glad to the Lord for His special guidance. Let all things be done for the glory of His name. We have unmentionable thankfulness to you for your special love and concern for us.

Also, on 17-20 May 2021 at Pone Htun village, Lashio Township, Shan State. Praise the Lord. The trainees are 15 missionaries and I taught them 6 hours daily. In the evening the session, they have a discussion on our subjects talking about what lessons they learned from each topic and discussing how to apply them for their ministries.

Among the participants, I found three new participants from the Palaung tribal (Unreached People) group which really makes me so thrilled. One boy is ready to go for a mission. They are so happy, and their lives were filled with joy and happiness from hearing new lessons from the Dynamic books. One who used (the name David) to conduct three months of training (in Shan dialect) of the Lisu tribal group visited us and we had great fellowship with him. He is the one who gave training to our (next generation) of missionaries Ai Mawng, Sai Nawng, Benjamin, Elijah, and Aung Kyi. Among the Shan tribal group, he has made disciple minded leaders.

Our co-workers working outside Yangon by the names Par Law and Salai Saw Thein also had participated in our training. Not only receiving new strength they were deeply touched by the Holy Spirit thus their lives were filled with happiness and joy that made flowing tears of joy on their cheek.

We closed our training session with great expectation and awaiting the new session of training to be held in June 2021. May the name of the Lord be glorified through our training.
I would like to tell you about the miraculous things God has done during our 7 -13 June, Discipleship Training at Pone Htun Village, Lashio Township, Northern Shan State. There were 33 missionaries and leaders attending the training. Those who attended the training were from Shan, Palaung, Lisu, Burmese, Ashu Chin and Khumi Chin. The trainees were so hungry for the word of God.

Khin Zar Chi Lin is 27 years old. She received Jesus as her personal savior, and I gave her water baptism. At the worship service that night, we cast three demons from her. She had been a very strong Buddhist for 27 years. While we were having worship service on 12 June 2021, (Saturday 7:00 PM -11:00 PM) the outpouring of the Holy Spirit came down upon all of us and we all were filled with joy and happiness. Also, the born-again pastor of Lisu tribal group by the name David told me that (before he received Christ) he had never seen such a man of whom I preached. Because of his born-again experience he was excommunicated by Lisu Baptist Church. By faith he is now conducting three months training (using the DCI Training) in Shan and Palaung dialects.

Our co-workers, missionaries and evangelists are starting to talk more and more about salvation to unbelievers and to those who are Christians (in name only and do not understand about salvation). Now, that is what we preach and teach everywhere. I will give reports on the fruit that comes out from their work. 2 Timothy 2:2 is now being fulfilled by our trainers. Preaching about salvation is the most important ministry for us in Myanmar.
The trainees have experienced fully the power of the word, and the power to preach mightily thus they all have been empowered to go for preaching the gospel of Jesus. Every morning we have Bible reading, taking communion, and praying together. Missionaries have the chance to be closely related to each other during our training. We have a deep relationship with God, and I have taught them to have the same faith and belief for the long run of missionary life. We are so thankful and satisfied for being influenced deeply by our teachings to them.

Our missionaries were also so happy to hear how to start their work, what message they should give, and how to work for the Lord effectively. We are so thankful for the support you have given to us for a training course, it really produces many disciples among our trainees. Our prayer is to touch the whole country of Myanmar by making disciples.”

Your investment in Dynamic Churches International is making it possible for men and women like Richard to have the amazing ministries they are having. Thank you!
Your tax-deductible donations can be mailed to the addresses below, or by signing up for pre-authorized payments (PAP) from your bank account (ask us for the form), or by bank e-transfer to dcimiddleton@shaw.ca or by donating online here.

Thank you for your gifts and prayers and God bless you all!

Your brother and sister in Christ,
Al and Mary Middleton
Executive Director

Here is this letter with photos in PDF format:
August 2021 Global Report

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