Global Report, March 2023

“Well Done, Good and Faithful Servants”

Dear Friends and Ministry Partners,

As the Children of Israel were about to go into the promised land God told them “I will give you every place where you set your foot.” (Joshua 1:3)

God has led DCI into many countries and given us access to the people in each one. We continue to be amazed by the great work He is doing!

Here are some recent reports from Simeon Oyugi

We have one of the most exciting news reports from the horn of Africa covering Djibouti, Eritrea, Somali, South Sudan and Ethiopia. (Find these countries on this map below.)

We finally have 4 active Trainers in these countries which are very resistent to the gospel.

DCI Trainers go into these countries from Ethiopa, and as soon as they are done the training, they get back home before they are discovered. The training equips the leaders in these countries to expand to other national leaders so that the work of God will continue to grow.

Keep them in your prayers always, for God’s protection against persecution and murder as Christians are killed when they are found.

We also have an exciting report from Uganda, under the leadership of the DCI Director of Training, Apostle Joseph Elton Mabirizi. In 2018, Simeon conducted a DCI Training Workshop there with a few Pastors. Today, the DCI work in Uganda has grown to 924 churches under his leadership and influence. Many of these churches are new Church Plants!

Currently Apostle Mabirizi chairs two Fellowships of Pastors in Uganda because of the trust they have in him.

West Kampala Pastors Fellowship with over 86 churches represented, and Friends of Revival Pastors Fellowship with over 100 Pastors. He is also the advisor of the Born Again Faith Organisation in Uganda.

One more report from DCI Africa, this time from Ghana under the leadership of Bishop James Obeng. In 2018, Simeon did Training there, with only one church. Today there are a total of 25 Churches trained and implementing the Disciple-Making Process in their church and community.

Pray for Bishop Obeng’s wife. She has type 2 diabetes and has ulcers on her leg.

This practical Equipping causes Explosive Growth and there is a lot of that going on! Praise God!

DCI Africa is on the move and what God is doing is Unstoppable.

Do you want to be a vital part of what God is doing? You are invited to join Him!

God works through His people as they Pray and Invest in His Kingdom!

Hans and Elly Timmermans and Malawi Team Report: (Find Malawi on the map above)

The man in the picture is Zaccheus Nyirenda a village headman. A woman who was discipled by one of the people we trained, started a Life Group in his area and Zaccheus started attending. He trusted Jesus for salvation during one of our Life Group follow-up meetings at Mulewera in the Euthini region. After he trusted Jesus as his Lord and Savior, he was filled with joy and happiness for the peace of the Lord that filled his heart. Later he was given someone to disciple him and he received a Bible and a Dynamic Basics booklet.

So far, there are over 37 active Life Groups and over 41 leaders have been trained in this area. This is really an explosive growth experience that we are witnessing in this region. The DCI team started to work in Euthini in 2012, but for some reason the work didn’t survive. We decided to stop going there, instead we used our time and resources to go to other places where the teaching is well received and implemented. But we never gave up on Euthini and we continued praying for this region. We found pastor Manda who came from Ekwendeni (where the DCI Team had trained and equipped leaders and pastors).

Most people in Euthini who call themselves Christians do not really understand what that means. Most are double worshipers, they worship God, and they also worship the spirits of their ancestors. Many people still practice rituals – drinking blood of goats and chickens.

Lives are being changed as traditional practices are abandoned by those that have come to faith in Christ through One-to-One Discipleship. And seeing all these 37 Life Groups that started within a year’s time is a great encouragement to us and to the body of Christ. This is a testimony to what God is doing in this area.

Praise and Urgent Prayer Requests:

□ As you can read from these reports the work in Malawi is seeing much amazing fruit. God is blessing the work in souls saved and we rejoice. But we need help. Right now we are short about 20% for the monthly expenses. Would you help? Perhaps a one-time gift or a monthly commitment? Thanks for your prayers and financial help. Hans and Elly Timmermans for the DCI Malawi Team.

□ Simeon’s ministry continues to grow rapidly and his living costs are increasing. Please ask God if He would have you become a monthly financial partner with him to meet his growing urgent need.

□ The transitioning over to Sunday Abidogun the new Executive Director is going well. I, Al, am still very involved in finetuning the resourses and expanding our curriculum to include equipping for Church Planters. Sunday wants the new material to carry the same vision and philosophy that DCI has been passionate about from the beginning.

□ We need to find someone to take over the Office Administration from Mary. Please pray! We trust that God has been preparing someone for years that He knows will be the perfect person for this vital responsibility.God works through His people as they Pray and Invest in His Kingdom!

Your tax-deductible donations can be made:

• By mail to the addresses below
• By signing up for pre-authorized payments (PAP) from your bank account (ask us for the form)
• By setting up DCI as an e-transfer payee recipient at:
• By donating online via credit card in Canada through Canada Helps:

• By donating online via credit card in the US through Network for Good:

Your brother and sister in Christ,
Al and Mary Middleton
Executive Director Emeritus

Dynamic Churches International
164 Stonegate Close NW, Airdrie, AB T4B 2V2
Canada P/F: (403) 912-4438 C: (403)-620-1058

USA: PO Box 3431, Vista, CA 92085-3431

Web site:

DCI Global Report March 2023: PDF edition with map and photos:

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Al and Mary Middleton lead a Christian ministry, Dynamic Churches International. They are based In Alberta, Canada.
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