Global Update – August/September 2016

by Al and Mary Middleton

A PDF copy with photos is here: August 2016 Middleton Report.

Dear Friends & Ministry Partners,

Genesis 9:7

… be fruitful and increase in number; multiply on the earth and increase upon it.” God’s plan has always been that we Reproduce both Physically and Spiritually! At 74 years old I am not quite as active physically, but I am more fruitful that ever through the national leaders we have equipped!

Spontaneous Disciple Making strategy based on reaching into our communities!

This strategy is based on 1)Praying for God to lead you to people, 2)Doing deeds of kindness in the community (being visibly Christian), 3)Finding people who are open to the gospel, 4)Begin a Discovery Group with them and their family and/or friends, 5)Baptize those who receive Jesus Christ, 6)Establish each new Christian using Dynamic Basic, 7)Recruit and Develop new leaders using Dynamic Discipling, 8)Expand the present Church ministry or Plant New Churches and 9)Continue to Mentor the Discovery Group Leaders and/or Church Planters.

Ron and Bev Nelson Alberta Directors Report on their Ministry Trip to Haiti:

“The temperature was hot and humid, but the pastors just kept coming and coming. We expected 40, but 50 showed up, then 60, then 70 and we ended up with 87 who completed the training! The Pastors are eager to be equipped and take Haiti for Jesus! Churches in Haiti vary from 12 to 500 people in size and have a Kingdom focus. Haiti is very poor. There are pastors there who do not even have a Bible in their own language – Creole. We visited an orphanage and observed an incredible prayer and praise time. They are on fire!! We experienced a tropical storm one day that blew out the back wall of the chapel where we were meeting, but the pastors kept doing the One-to-One. That shows me how important this training is to them!”

Hans and Elly Timmermans Canadians serving in Malawi, East Africa.

Doing Deeds of Kindness in the Community: LIFE MAIZE MILL

They Report: “Two weeks ago there was a funeral in the community and the family of the person who died was very poor, so we offered to mill their maize for free so they could feed all the people who came to attend the funeral as one way Life Maize Mill can be a help to this family and the community. We want to maintain a good testimony since all people know that the Mill belongs to a Christian group.

Amazingly the chief made a very strong statement of how the Life Maize Mill is helping the community. He was addressing hundreds of people that came to the funeral – some came from a far distance. They all went back home hearing the good deeds the Life Maize Mill does in this community and this has been a story going around the whole area!”

Simeon Oyugi our Rep. in Nairobi, Kenya

Finding People who are open to the Gospel – Sharing the Gospel – Following-up by Equipping them with Dynamic Basics and Discovery Groups

Simeon is able to draw many Pastors together for training. Also, he recently was invited by the University of Nairobi to return and train more students in our DCI ministry. I just got the following report from him.

Simeon shares; “They have seven different Schools and I conducted training in four blocks, The School of Engineering, School of Medicine and Mathematics, School of Arts and Business, and the School of Education which comprised a total of 370 students trained in DCI.

What happened at the university was beautiful to behold. After three days of training, we had 15 students who gave their lives to the Lord and it was these 15 who later went and brought their friends from different student residences, which is similar to the story of the Samaritan woman in John 4 and by Friday we had 130 giving their lives to the Lord. Therefore they requested that we have two more days for the training of these students. I only supervised as the trained students started training these 130 students. So in total DCI trained 500 students. The 130 students are causing a revival! After only a few days they have brought to the Lord 12 more new believers and they are training them. They are beginning Discovery Groups in different residences and to God be all the glory. If this passion continues, then you will be getting more reports from this university.” Simeon also shared: “Students whom I trained two years ago in the same University recently went to Kakuma the world’s largest Refugee Camp and did a DCI training Workshop with over 100 Pastors representing over 90 Churches within the Refugee Camp. They had 93 people give their Lives to the Lord.

Begin Discovery Groups: The Student Trainers helped these Pastors organize and plan Discovery Groups in the homes of the newly born again believers and by the time they left, they had already identified 45 new settlements of their friends who are not born again, and who were more than willing to have them in their families. I also heard from Kakuma Refugee Camp, that the pastors and leaders are going from Tent to

Tent and many are coming to the Lord and are being trained in Dynamic Basics One-to-One and Discovery Groups.”

Just in today (Aug. 23) from Simeon: We have just returned from Isibania (Aug.17–21), at the Border of Kenya and Tanzania. We are tired, but the trip was beyond my expectations! We have never done a training of this kind. We had organized a DCI Training Workshop for about 250 Pastors and Church leaders from the 11 Churches that invited us. What we did not expect was that they literally brought all their members including children because the schools were closed and so they could not leave them at home. Thank God I had gone there with a team of 15 trainers and so three of my team ministered to the children. In Total we trained 730 adults and the 280 school going children ages 5 -13 years. We had 40 adults (including one Pastor) and 280 children who gave their lives to Jesus! They really enjoyed the One-to-One Dynamic Basics. Before we left, they had confirmed 27 Discovery Groups and established a 9 member Pastor’s Life Group.

Believe me, I was moved into tears when I saw children crying and shedding tears because they needed Jesus dearly into their hearts. It was amazing and awesome to see God bring in a new Generation into His Kingdom and great will be the height of His Glory in this area. May God bless you for your prayers.”

Jing Estrella Philippines, Shares:

“We appreciate it so much to know that you continuously pray for us. About the DCI ministry, there is no let up for this. So far (in the last few months) 600 pastors and leaders are exposed to our Discovery Group Process and Strategy. Next week I’ll be in Bukidnon Province to conduct another Workshop (Aug 18-19, 2016) with 70 to 80 pastors and leaders. My plan is to choose 10 to 20 pastors who will commit to start and develop the Discovery Group Ministry in their churches and church planting target areas. We plan to start a Pastors Life Group in October 2016.”

Ramananda in Imphal, Manipur, N. E. India reports:

“I am very happy to let you know that the one month discipleship training program has been completed successfully. All 10 of the church planters are very young and energetic and we pray God’s mighty hand upon them and that He will be with them as they have gone out for three months practical work in their own respective fields. We also thank God that we saw so many changes in the lives of these church planters as they were together with us for the whole month.

Please continue to pray for these ten young workers of the Gospel.”

“One more thing, I have been praying and planning to have two small DCI Leadership Training Workshops – one August 15 – 16 (now complete) and another in October 10 – 11, 2016.” God has graciously provided the finances through some of you!

Peter and Moala Kashung the Leadership Training Centre (LTC)
in India and Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Their team of DCI Trainers have planted thousands of churches and they continue to equip and send out many church planters/evangelists.

DCI Reinforcement Training: Moala shares; “We had a wonderful time together with all of our LTC extended Centre Associate Directors and Country Coordinators. We have a new overall DCI Ministry Supervisor – his name is Harish Chandra Binayak. He has just completed a Master of Divinity Degree from the All Nations Theological Seminary, Siligui, India. Also, Mr. Dilip Singh from Bangladesh, whom we have equipped well in our Bible College for the last 3 years graduated in April. We gave him an additional 3 months of training in DCI Strategy, office management with bookkeeping and reporting systems etc. We officially anointed him for his ministry back in Bangladesh.

John Mathuraja – South India and Sri Lanka:

Because of the encouraging results from his last workshops in Sri Lanka, John has been invited to return to Sri Lanka to equip more pastors to develop their churches as disciple-making churches. Thank you to those of you who provided the funds to make this trip possible!


Thank you for your prayers and financial support! Through you God is expanding His Kingdom. We together with you are a team and we very much need each other to accomplish the great work God has given us to do!

Donations can be sent to the address below or through Canada Helps or Network for Good in the U.S. (both online).

May God bless you all!

Your Brother and Sister in Christ,

Al and Mary Middleton

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Al and Mary Middleton lead a Christian ministry, Dynamic Churches International. They are based In Alberta, Canada.
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