Northern Malawi Update

July 2016

Dear Friends of Malawi,
I am bursting to tell you about the amazing growth in the work of disciple-making and leadership training in Northern Malawi. Recently, I questioned our team about the use of the discipling material that was being used (distributed to leaders for their use), wanting to make sure it was being used well, and not wasted. We discovered as we looked into the book inventory which we receive monthly, that the team was handing out approximately 450 – 500 books to one village (a set of 3 training sessions of 4 days each).  When I asked them about this, I received this answer:

“Yes the discipleship is taking place at an explosive pace, hence more materials are needed at the villages. And also the Chichewa-language materials – I just want to say that, at Kabwafu there are a lot of people from the south and central parts of Malawi who are also very much willing to learn from the word of God through D C I. That is why Queen Moyo, the leader from Kabwafu, gives out the material which we have printed in the Chichewa language.”

As you can read, it is hard for us to keep up to the demand for material. Recently, we had 5000 Tumbuka Discipling Basics booklets, and 1000 Chichewa Discipling Basics printed locally in Malawi.

They are disappearing fast. For this, we give God the glory, because each of these booklets represents a life that is seeking to grow as a Christian.

We are thankful for the Bibles and New Testaments in the local languages which ShareWord (The Canadian Gideons) supplies to make this work possible. Praise God for His provisions!

We are also extremely thankful for the car, which we (with your help) have been able to purchase for the team to assist them in their travels. The Nissan is running well, and the team is able to take all the supplies of books and Bibles along with them for the training sessions, as well as their tent and sleeping gear, food, water, etc. Thank you to all of you who have helped with this.

I want to share a few testimonies with you:

Khumbo Lungu says, “I have benefited a lot from DCI teachings, especially the one-to-one discipling which we clearly understand that we need to pass it on. I have seen that most people are accepting Christ – not only through me, but also through those who I have passed it on to….”

Queen Moyo says, “she has already started training some leaders who are very excited and interested to continue being taught and they have said that their lives have changed and they promised to teach others too. So far, more than 11 leaders are ready to be trained….she will organize a meeting with those leaders to conduct the trainings…” (note: see how our team grows with more and more being able to teach the principles of discipleship and leadership? – now, even spreading out into the Chichewa speaking districts. These people do not actually become part of the DCI team, but they are doing the work of DCI in their circle of influence. We thank God for each and every ‘coach’ and ‘trainer’!)

The food shortage is a serious problem in Malawi. Our team tells us that most households do not have enough food for the whole year due to the shortage of rains. Water shortage is also a problem due to lack of rain. “…The Kahanga River that supplies water in a vast area of Ezondweni is already dried up, and usually they have a line up at the borehole (well) in order to find water.  Due to the congestion at the borehole, it happens that water runs out….”

Dear friends, please remember to pray for our brothers and sisters in Malawi and the difficult circumstances they find themselves in.

Please also remember to pray for John Singinie, the leader of the team, who will be getting married on July 30.

We are thankful for each of you who has committed to giving financially to this work. Without you we can’t do it. May God continue to bless and encourage you. Thank you for thinking of us and our team in Malawi; for your words of encouragement and for lifting this work up to the throne of Grace.

On behalf of those in the warm heart of Africa,

Hans and Elly Timmermans

Dynamic Churches International

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Al and Mary Middleton lead a Christian ministry, Dynamic Churches International. They are based In Alberta, Canada.
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