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Training a group of pastors

Training a group of pastors

From Hans and Elly Timmermans:

Our team has been to a village called Kamphenda last week, for their third visit of 4 days. This completes the basic teachings that they do in this place with one set of leaders/ pastors. From here on in, it is follow up for encouragement, etc. and an annual refresher course. These leaders are now on their own to pass on what they have learned into their communities. Read what these newly trained leaders have said:

“We had so many encouraging testimonies where we could hear that some life groups
have multiplied to 2 and others up to 3. Leaders are being trained and one to one discipleship is being done amongst life group members as well as in their community and many are coming to Christ through this approach. And so far most of the life group members are able to pass it on.”

The Team has trained approximately 50 Pastors/Leaders since our visit there last June/ July. Each one of these men and women are fully equipped to teach others in leadership skills. They will multiply themselves, but they also start life groups that multiply. Our team is delighted to continue on with this work, even though transportation is very difficult most of the time and mosquitoes are abundant this time of year, being the rainy season. We thank God for keeping them safe in their travels and healthy…
Read the full letter here in PDF

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