A Report from Nairobi, Kenya

With profound joy and great excitements for DCI, and the teaching DCI provides for training Churches to become fruit bearing and effectively win their communities for Jesus and equip them for spiritual growth to maturity.

I sent sixteen youth to go and do trainings in Maliki Bungoma which they did for two weeks in different churches. The first week, they covered 5 churches (200 people) and the second week at three different churches (130 people). In total they trained 330 people.

I had instructed them to encourage the trainees to reach new people in their community and at least 7 new Discovery Groups have been found. From these they will begin to target the whole community. In Tanzania, day one began strongly as a Muslim girl gave her life to the Lord late in the evening. After this, we also had a few Catholics join us. Seeing a Muslim girl opening her life to Jesus, they too said, they needed Jesus and that night we had 5 people beginning a new Journey with Jesus. We trained 3 different Church groups with a total of 78 people.With the 5 giving their lives to Jesus Christ, they immediately became our 5 Discovery Groups.
No one wanted us to leave because there was joy and real happiness in the Community.

God bless you.


About dcimiddleton

Al and Mary Middleton lead a Christian ministry, Dynamic Churches International. They are based In Alberta, Canada.
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